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“iPhone” a brand in itself, requires no introduction in global market. It provides it users the product and services of six sigma or ultra uber level. Despite of cutthroat competition IPhone sat a benchmark in terms of demand and success. Initially applications developed for iPhone instruments were based on “Objective-C” language, but with introduction of “Swift” now it can be developed on both the platforms. Swift is more user friendly for both writing and reading and proved comparatively easier to understand than Objective-C.

Like any other application development procedure, there are some basic procedures to be followed to develop applications for iPhone instrument also.

This procedure includes

  1. Setting objective and scope.
  2. Creating models and diagram for user interface.
  3. Analysis and Planning.
  4. Application coding as per guidelines of Apple.
  5. Test and Release App with scope of modification.

1) Setting objective and scope: – Starting with defining objectives and scope of the application, following are some questions which gives solutions for giving existence to the app.

  • What is the main purpose of this application?
  • What is needs and what are the queries this application is going to solve. ?
  • Which are the activities of the user covered by this application?

Solving these questions provides the requirements and the future of application to be developed.

2) Creating models and diagrams for user interface: – It provides developing team roughly an idea and the pattern to be followed to develop the application. It helps in designing the user interface for an application based of the defined objective and also enables the developers and designers to evaluate the cost for iPhone development application also.

3) Analysis and Planning: – Extensive research work is required of different market segments and based on the data, feedbacks and reviews; analysis is done to cover all the requirements and demands of the users. Planning is done for the configuration of back end structure keeping in mind the result of market analysis.

4) Application coding as per guidelines of Apple: – Coding is done on basis of Objective-C or “Swift” language or both.

5) Test and release of application: – After being tested and taking reviews, improvise according to the loop holes found on final testing. With scope of modifications release the application in the market.

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