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Android is an Operating system (O.S) basically designed for mobile devices, introduced initially on Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. It was developed by Android, Inc. in Palo Alto, California. Primarily it was designed for touch screen devices such as tablet computers and smartphones and thereafter grew steadily in consortium of wrist watches (Android Wear), televisions (Android TV) and cars (Android Auto) with growing market.

As per one of the surveys it was found that as of 2015, Android possesses the largest installed base for all operating systems working on general purpose uses. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Android App Developers India with technology companies are its key attributes (i.e. low cost, ready-made and customizable operating system).

Its default user interface on touch screen is based on basic actions like tapping, swiping to give commands. It is designed to respond the user on real time basis as soon as the user give any command or perform any of the commanding actions. The system usually provides haptic feedback through different signals such as Beep tone, Vibrations, light bean, etc. Accelerometers, proximity sensors, Gyroscopes are some internal hardware are used to respond to additional user actions by some of the applications used to control the gaming functions like to steer the screen or moving the direction inside the screen by rotating the device.

Very similar to the home screen found on laptop and PCs, Android devices boot to the home screen with primary navigation and information point on device. The display on home screen is arranged with app icons and widgets as short cuts. It can be arranged on several pages as part of home screen only that the user can swipe and have access to it. On the top of the screen a status bar is provided to show the notifications such as newly received emails or text messages, missed calls, etc.

Java programming language is primarily used for writing the applications that extend the functionality of devices. Android App Development is designed in very smart manner to manage memory (RAM) to consume minimum power as these devices are battery-powered.

Upgrades are available in every two or three quarters of year with different confectionery theme name based on sweet dishes. “Lollipop” is the latest release in Android 5.0 , it is adding some additions like a battery saver feature which extends the life of battery upto 90 minutes, adding SELinux to protect all applications against vulnerabilities and malware, improving connectivity with powerful Bluetooth which consumes low power, supports living room devices, and lots more features.

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