The most effective method to play music on your smartwatch utilizing Android Wear

For the time being this just works with the Google Play Music application. Before you begin, verify you’re running the most recent rendition of the application on your telephone, and the most recent form of Android Wear on your smartwatch (head to Settings, then About, then System upgrades to check).

Synchronizing your music

Head into the application menu for Google Play Music, pick Settings, then tick the container alongside Download to Android Wear. Any tracks you adjust to your Android gadget will then likewise synchronize to a joined smartwatch (right now there’s no alternative to just store tunes separately to one or the other).


At the highest point of each playlist, craftsman page or collection posting, you’ll see a download symbol — tap on this to download the chose music to your gadget (and from that point to your Android Wear watch) prepared for logged off tuning in. To expel tracks from your gadget essentially tap on the download symbol once more.

Playing your tunes

Switch to your Android Wear gadget and you close see the download/exchange status show up as one of the warnings on the smartwatch. At the point when the exchange is finished, you can get to Play Music as one of the applications under the Start… heading in the gadget menu (or simply say “alright Google… play music”).


The following screen gives you a chance to decide to play music by regional standards instead of on your principle gadget — in the event that you don’t as of now have a couple of Bluetooth earphones (or a speaker) snared then you’ll be provoked to include one. You can then swipe right to get to playback and volume controls on the watch face.

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