Windows 10 review round-up: Microsoft’s new OS gets a thumbs up from critics

windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was an attempt to bring touch to computing, but it did little to please audiences. Microsoft went wrong with Windows 8/8.1, and the all-new Windows 10 shows how the company gracefully accepted the mistake and made the right amendments. The initial reviews of Windows 10 are out, and the new OS version seems like a winner already.

Just like Windows 7 came as a saviour to take away the pain caused by Vista, looks like Windows 10 is here to save us all from Windows 8. It is free to upgrade staring July 29 for any PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. If you are planning to upgrade, then take a look at our checklist to follow just before you take the plunge.


Windows 10 isn’t simply a reincarnation of Windows 7, but brings back the best from Windows 7 and 8 versions. To begin with, the Start Menu that users love is back.

“Microsoft is keeping the Live Tiles it introduced in Windows 8, but it’s put them inside the Start menu. That means that they won’t take up your entire monitor anymore (unless you really want them to). You can pin both modern and traditional apps to the Start menu, and there’s easy access to settings, shutdown or restart, and a list of most-used apps complete with handy jump lists for apps like Word that handle files. This mix of features feels like the best approach for bringing the Start menu back, and you can resize it freely to customize it further,” writes TheVerge’s Tom Warren.

Another notable change is Microsoft Edge that now replaces Internet Explorer. However, it still needs some fixes. ” Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge isn’t stable – the browser crashes pretty often, and you’ll see that the browser freezes every now and then. However, other than random crashes, you’ll hardly find any other annoying issues,” writes Mehedi Hassan of Microsoft-news.


The company brings Cortana to the desktop, and this is one of the best moves by Microsoft. It has made search a lot more discoverable for average users by embedding a very visible Cortana bar right next to the Start button. Instead of expecting normal users to know they could just start typing anywhere on their home screens to search, Microsoft has provided Cortana as a visual cue. Using Cortana to search, users get a mix of local and Web search results. But by clicking on a “My Stuff” tab that pops up at the bottom of the Cortana pane once a user starts typing a query, users can refine their results to local or Web,” Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet writes.

“Her desktop incarnation isn’t tremendously different. The biggest practical change I noticed is that in Windows 10 she supports the “Hey Cortana” feature on any system with a microphone—you can get her attention and give her commands at any time, just by saying “Hey Cortana.” This is only available on a limited number of phone models,” ArsTechnica writes.

Yahoo’s David Pogue is also happy with the new OS. He writes, “Windows 10 is coherent. It makes sense. Its design no longer leaves you pounding your forehead on your desk.”


He further adds, “You really are going to love Windows 10. You’ll almost certainly want to upgrade your computers to it, especially since it’s free. If you’re a PC veteran, then you’ll recognize Windows 10: It’s pretty much Windows 7, with Cortana, nicer typography, and a few new features.”

Cnet’s Nate Ralph sings to a similar tune by saying, “Windows 10 delivers a refined, vastly improved vision for the future of computing.”

Re/code’s Walt Mossberg states, “I regard Windows 10 as a solid, evolutionary operating system that’s likely to be a good bet for people who like Windows. But don’t upgrade until more of the bugs have been worked out.”

Peter Bright of Arstechnica has a similar say, he believes Windows 10 is the best version to come from Microsoft, but only once the bugs are fixed. Talking about Continuum he writes, “Continuum is how Windows 8 should have always worked. It lets the operating system play to the strengths of the hardware it’s running on, even as that hardware changes.”


Talking about security, he further adds, “The Hello feature supports three kinds of biometrics: fingerprint, facial recognition, and iris scanning. The one I’ve used is facial recognition. This can’t be used with any old webcam; it requires depth-sensing 3D cameras, which means it (supposedly) can’t be faked out with photographs. The system works entirely transparently; to log in, I simply have to sit down at the computer’s login screen and it recognizes me. This would pose an issue when trying to lock the computer—it would unlock from recognizing your face as soon as you locked it—but Microsoft has noticed that issue, and so there’s a short timeout period after locking the machine during which Hello can’t unlock it.”

“Windows devotees should be pleased with this update that represents a return to form for Microsoft”, concludes Mashable’s Ariel Bogle.

Looks like, Microsoft has done everything to bring back the familiar Windows feel that people love, and also combine it with new elements of its last and not-so-loved Windows 8 version. So far, the reviews are looking good. Now, lets wait for user reviews to know how it fares after a prolonged usage.

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Mobile Apps and Websites – Important to help Business

Since the presentation with the advanced cell, not only has the way we convey adjusted, so has exactly how we get to realities. Mobile apps have turn into one of the basic parts in savvy gadgets which may have took into consideration less demanding passage to this data, now accessible readily available whenever, anyplace. At first grew all the more relating to excitement, applications have now transform into a gigantic medium for advancing administrations and items, regardless of your size or capacity of an organization. In reality, they are so helpful for business that portable applications have become similarly as basic that you an organization to be a site. Where an online presence is urgent, so too would be the Mobile app regarding moment access. Here are a few reasons why… . Mobile App Development USA

Mobile Apps and Websites



Advanced mobile phones are unmistakably the most run of the mill type of verbal trades. Items and administrations are looked into an expanding number of on brilliant gadgets, and a convenient application increments both perceivability notwithstanding ease of use.

Instant Model Marketing

Cell phones have brought the most recent universe of chances for advertising furthermore special open doors. Will never again are organizations compelled from moment organization advertising as portable applications is presently ready to consider moment presentation.

Improved Individual Experience

Web clients hunger for prompt passage to data and won’t be willing to hold tight. Mobile apps are the main medium to give a superior purchaser encounter on cellular telephones, all the more so when contrasted with Mobile Website.

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iOS 9 beta 4 released to developers

ios-9-craig-federighiiphone app development

Apple has released iOS 9 beta 4 to developers. This is the 4th developer beta since the initial iOS 9 beta was released after the WWDC keynote in early June. iOS 9 adds support for multitasking on iPad, a new Notes app, and a new improved Proactive search system.

Two weeks ago, beta 3 added support for Apple Music, Beats 1, and Apple’s new News app. As with other beta releases, there were also other numerous tweaks and improvements.

Today’s release comes right on schedule according to some developers. In the past, Apple has usually had a two or three week window between beta releases. This should remain true up until iOS 9 goes public right along side new iPhone App Development hardware this fall.

Developers can download this beta now either through the Developer portal or on device as an over-the-air update. The update is between 300 MB and 350 MB. A new Xcode beta is also available with support for iOS 9 beta 4.

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Public betas of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 to come later today

A day after dropping new developer betas for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9, Apple appears to be gearing up for the public beta release of these upcoming operating system updates. Apple’s beta website, where users can sign up to participate in the beta, has been updated with the following message.


Once Apple has restored the website, we’ll make sure you know about it. Anyone interested in signing up for the public beta will need to do so at

iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan both come with some great new features for Apple’s devices. Check out our original iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan posts from WWDC to learn more. Also check out what’s new in the latest iOS 9 developer beta from yesterday, especially since this is likely what will be included in the public beta.

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How to change default apps in Android

You might have noticed when opening up a file on your Android device you get a choice of apps to handle it: you can choose to assign certain file types (like PDFs or even website links) to certain apps, just as you do on a Windows or Mac computer. This default stays in place until you change it. Here is how to change default apps in Android.

If you later decide that there’s another Android App Development better suited to the job of opening photos, slideshows, audio tracks or whatever, it’s not immediately apparent how you go about switching the association. Follow the guide below to reset the default app and get the chooser dialog up again.

Resetting defaults

First of all, you need to identify the app that’s currently set as the default: Open up a file of the type you want to change the association for — a document from an email attachment, perhaps — to find what the app is, if you’re not sure. Then head to Settings on your device and tap on Apps.


Locate the app in question, go into its details page, then tap on the Clear Defaults button. This clears all the default file types associated with the app in one go — at the moment there’s no way of picking and choosing individual ones from within the Android OS.


You’re then going to have to open up the same file type again, but this time you’ll see the app chooser dialog on screen, enabling you to choose a new app (as long as an alternative is installed). Choose the Always option from the pop-up if you don’t want to have to make the same choice each time.

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iOS 8.4 sees rapid adoption following Apple Music release


According to analytics company mixpanel, over 41% of iOS users are running the latest public build, iOS 8.4, as of July 8. This comes on the 9th day of iOS 8.4′s availability.

iOS 8.3 is still in a strong second place at over 32% of users, but its number have declined significantly since its ~71% rating on June 29, right before the release of iOS 8.4.


The numbers suggest that most current iOS 8.4 users have upgraded from iOS 8.3, but they also indicate that a decent amount of people have upgraded from previous versions of iOS. With a big new service like Apple Music, this isn’t a huge surprise.

Apple has been working on reducing the size of its iOS updates, so iOS 8.3 users should have no problem updating to iOS 8.4 over time. At the same 9 days into iOS 8.3′s release, 8.3 had a similar ~45% of users, and ~37% of users were using a previous version of iOS 8. The new diverse emoji were the main user-facing update for iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3 took until June 21 to break the 70% mark according to mix panel. iOS 8.4 is following a similar adoption trend so far, so it should be interesting to see how long Apple’s latest version of iOS takes to break 70% as well.

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How to install CyanogenMod, the most popular Android ROM

A lot of users are never going to venture far beyond the Android OS that comes installed on their device (together with TouchWiz, Sense or whatever the phone manufacturer has seen fit to add on). For those who want something a little more adventurous, there’s CyanogenMod.

For the uninitiated, CyanogenMod lets you take more control over your device and its operating system than plain Android does (though it’s built on the code released by Google). It’s aimed primarily at power users, but the installation process isn’t too difficult to get your head around.


What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is a customized version of the Android operating system that lets you reskin your phone with a few taps, set up custom profiles for settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, add gesture support, tweak the screen calibration settings and access a bunch of other advanced settings as well.


The fork has been around for almost as long as Android and has grown from amateur hobby to multi-million dollar company. It comes pre-installed on a number of phones from manufacturers in Asia (though it recently got booted from the OnePlus One) and is just as polished as Google’s stock Android.

How to switch over

CyanogenMod’s makers have worked hard to make the switching process simple — there are now official apps you can download for your device and no rooting is required. First of all, head to Settings and Security on your phone and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.


With that done, visit in your phone or tablet’s browser and follow the instructions on screen. Tap the APK download notification to get started, and the app guides you through the steps of getting your phone or tablet ready for CyanogenMod (like enabling USB debugging).

You can then turn your attention to the desktop app. There’s an official Windows installer though the Mac version is still being developed. With your device connected via a USB cable, follow the instructions on screen, and within minutes you’ll have CyanogenMod up and running.

Unsupported devices

To use this fast and easy way of installing CyanogenMod, you’re going to need a supported device — the list mostly covers Nexus devices and older Samsung and HTC hardware, and if your particular phone or tablet hasn’t made the cut yet you’re going to have to use Android Studio instead.


Unfortunately we don’t have the space to cover the process step-by-step, not least because it varies depending on the handset you’re currently using, but there’s plenty of information on the web that can help you get up to speed with the process of flashing ROMs to your Android device.

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Apple releases iTunes 12.2 with Apple Music and Beats 1 support


Prior today, Apple discharged iOS 8.4 which incorporated the all-new Music application highlighting its Apple Music spilling administration and Beats 1 worldwide radio station and another variant of OS X, 10.10.4. Truant from that upgrade to OS X was another form of iTunes with the same Apple Music components. Up to this point.

Apple has recently pushed out another rendition of iTunes with 12.2 with backing for all of Apple Music’s usefulness and Beats 1 radio gushing.

Presently, notwithstanding the My Music, Playlists, Radio (Beats 1 is in here), and iTunes Store tabs in the Music area of iTunes, the new upgrade has included Apple Music’s ‘For You’ segment which prescribes music taking into account your tastes and playing propensities and in addition the “New” area which advances recently discharged melodies and collections. iTunes 12.2 additionally highlights a Connect tab permitting you to take after craftsman movement on the Mac and on versatile.

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