iOS 8.4 sees rapid adoption following Apple Music release


According to analytics company mixpanel, over 41% of iOS users are running the latest public build, iOS 8.4, as of July 8. This comes on the 9th day of iOS 8.4′s availability.

iOS 8.3 is still in a strong second place at over 32% of users, but its number have declined significantly since its ~71% rating on June 29, right before the release of iOS 8.4.


The numbers suggest that most current iOS 8.4 users have upgraded from iOS 8.3, but they also indicate that a decent amount of people have upgraded from previous versions of iOS. With a big new service like Apple Music, this isn’t a huge surprise.

Apple has been working on reducing the size of its iOS updates, so iOS 8.3 users should have no problem updating to iOS 8.4 over time. At the same 9 days into iOS 8.3′s release, 8.3 had a similar ~45% of users, and ~37% of users were using a previous version of iOS 8. The new diverse emoji were the main user-facing update for iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3 took until June 21 to break the 70% mark according to mix panel. iOS 8.4 is following a similar adoption trend so far, so it should be interesting to see how long Apple’s latest version of iOS takes to break 70% as well.

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