How to use Google Maps offline

How to use Google Maps offline

  • Open Google Maps (online) and search for your desired location.
  • Once you’ve found the location/area you want, there are three ways you can save it for later:
    • Type ‘OK Maps’ in the search bar,
    • Tap the microphone icon and say: “OK maps”
    • Tap the search bar, scroll all the way to the bottom, then and hit ‘Save a new offline map’. ​

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  • You will be asked if you want to save this map. Pan or zoom the view so that it displays all of the information you require. Unlike a mere screenshot, the offline maps can be zoomed into and display information such as street and building names as you get closer.

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  • Once you have saved the map to your device, to access it, tap the ‘hamburger’ menu icon at the top left of Maps app, then ‘Your places’.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the new screen, then you should see all your saved maps under ‘Saved places’. Just tap the map you want to to view offline.

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A downloaded map doesn’t require a huge amount of space. New York, for example, took up only 13 MB when completely downloaded. However, if you’re wary of your data allowance, you might want to be connected to Wi-Fi before downloading all the maps you want.

Limitations of offline maps

There are some limitations to the functionality of the offline maps, mostly regarding the size of the location you’re looking for. For example, New York and surrounding areas would be a bit too much for just one cached file and you will receive a message saying it can’t be saved. In this scenario, it would need to be broken into smaller, surrounding areas.

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Also, offline navigation is not available, nor is the ability to conduct a search within the offline map file. The maps you download will be stored for 30 days and after this they are automatically deleted, so don’t assume they will last forever.

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Best free Android games of 2015

This list includes both categories of games, with the conditions for entry being that you don’t need to spend anything to enjoy them (and of course that they’re incredibly, relentlessly fun). Read on for our list of the best free Android games to play on your device in 2015, so far.

Angry Birds 2

After what seems like endless variations on the original, Roxio is back with a whole new iteration of Angry Birds. The game itself is free, but it’s attracted some controversy over its approach to in-app purchases: while some reviews say the game is a hoot even in its free incarnation, others say that Roxio is more interested in making you pay than having you play. We’d love to know what you think.


Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain has all the hallmarks of free Android classics such as Flappy Bird and Timberman. Lo-fi graphics, excellent controls and addictive gameplay.

In Skiing Yeti Mountain, you control a skiier as he or she navigates a mountainside course, by tilting your finger at the bottom of the screen.

The challenge comes from staying between the right and left posts, avoiding obstacles and trying to reach the bottom of the course as fast as you can.

It’s easy to learn and difficult to master, and the short nature of the courses ensures that you fail often and keep coming back for more.



This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is as good to play as it is to look at, and while there are the inevitable in-app purchases, the core game is free to play. The game makes it across to Android after a successful run on iOS, and if there’s a better developer name than Super Evil Megacorp, we’d love to know what it is.


Forsaken World Mobile

Forsaken World is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that’s been a huge hit on PC, and it’s a sign of just how far Android App Developers India has come that it’s just as exciting on mobile devices. It delivers everything you’d expect from the genre – loot, dungeons, classes, loot, fighting, loot, boss battles and loot – but you’ll need to allow plenty of time to download it: the file’s massive and the developers recommend that your device has 2 GB of RAM for best results.


Driver Speedboat Paradise

We don’t know what speedboat racing and the mafia have in common, but these two things get thrown together in Driver Speedboat Paradise. Made by Ubisoft (who also made the ‘Driver’ games, hence the odd title) and featuring the kind of vibrant graphics that’ll make the most of a pretty Galaxy S6 display, Driver Speedboat Paradise is a fun little thrill ride which can be enjoyed for free.

As you win races, you get the chance to customize your boat to make it ride faster and look better, and you can even unlock new clothes and houses for your rider (though we should warn you that some of these things come as in-app purchases).


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Android Application Development USA

Android – the quickest developing os of PDA gadgets keeps on being prominent with its every upgrade. It’s adaptable, easy to understand applications & adaptability has made it be more top pick. Our master staff having overhauled comprehension of most recent android dispatch designs productive android cell telephone applications.

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With increase widely used, iPhone App Development has become a popular domain nowadays. Mobile application development is within demand more recently and iPhone Application development is at least one. IPhone App Development India, has become a major business for this mobile application programmers. With the support of applications advancement, iPhone can perform much more as compared to other mobile applications. iPhone is a fully new prospect in order to mobile technology which includes make the mobile greater than communication device. The iPhone functions being an iPod, media gamer, internet, camera phone multi-touch screen plus much more.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone also offers many exciting characteristics with many fantastic applications like:

  • Music & Video
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  • Remote Control

Developing application means knowing what individuals want, and what they are expecting in one’s destiny. And if you would like to get a market for the apps then you’ll need go for advancement planning. To make great sales all that’s necessary is to develop a good application. There are specific ways to get your customize application listed in the application store. The first step is to showcase your product. When you have not done almost any marketing yet, then it will seem a minor overwhelming, but once anyone start working you will find it very fascinating.

For fun loving users, the iPhone provides plenty of games and permits make use of game programs. The iPhone has used by a lot of people and increasing demand of iPhone app have created a new market for cellular app developers. The great thing about iPhone App is that there are endless apps that can be created. As engineering always keeps upon changing, there can be a space for new and modern iPhone apps Developers India. So developing your own personal iPhone Applications, either for enjoyable or for business is seen as a long term notion.

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