Facebook Releases React Native for Building Android Apps in JavaScript

android-app-developers india

React Native for Android, promised in March as “coming soon,” was announced today by Facebook.

Based on the popular React JavaScript technology, Facebook earlier brought its new-age approach to bear on iOS apps in late March, telling Android App Developers India to wait six months for the follow-on product for targeting Google’s mobile OS. The Facebook team did it with a couple weeks to spare.

“React Native brings what developers are used to from React on the Web — declarative self-contained UI components and fast development cycles — to the mobile platform, while retaining the speed, fidelity and feel of native applications,” said Facebook engineers Daniel Witte and Philipp von Weitershausen in a blog post today. “Today, we’re happy to release React Native for Android.”

React JavaScript allows for the mixing of logic and presentation — long considered a no-no in modern development. React is based on components — units of code that act somewhat like classes — that take in data and produce HTML (in the case of the Web application), or native views and other elements, based on that data. Individual components can provide certain specific functionality and be chained together for projects, encouraging reuse and simplifying the reasoning of program logic.

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