Download the new Android Marshmallow wallpapers here

You will find a total of nine wallpapers in the original package, including several from Google Earth, a handful of landscapes and some flat graphic designs. The two new Marshmallow wallpapers were made available from Google to accompany a story about how the Material Design wallpapers were created.


You might be surprised to learn that the Material Design wallpapers were not made on a computer but are actually sculptural objects, crafted from paper and card, ink and pigment, and then photographed. If you want to get the Android Marshmallow look now, just download the zip files below to your computer and unzip them to find the wallpapers.


Copy them onto your Android device, or send them in an email and save onto your handset, and they will then appear in your gallery. Open the wallpaper you want to use with your preferred picture viewing app (photos, album, gallery, whichever) and set it as the wallpaper.


Android App Developers India | iPhone App Developers india


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