All major benefits of customized Android app development

Android App Development

Android- a renowned OS for mobiles and tablets is reaching new heights. With this fast moving pace of technology, it is important for the users of this operating system to keep themselves updated with the latest inventions. Android, written in Java Script, C++ and C code requires professionals, that is, the developers to develop your Android App.

Android App developers are skilled personalities who develop Android app. They are the minds behind the incredible creation you have been using for a while. Just as we require an Automotive designer to design the best car, we require app developers to develop our apps that are easy and hassel free to use. As users of the app we need some novelty in the app that leaves us mesmerised. Also something that helps us in our day to day chores if possible. For instance: we have Google Maps that help us reach our destination. Beginning from a basic Calender app to the apps like the calories app, news app, maps or the game application etc, the developers have taken a huge leap over these years. With the innovation of innumerable apps, apps have become a great marketing tool. Hence, the job of an app developer is to make your wish their command.

Talking in terms of India’s involvement in this field. India, which is still a developing country, has left no grounds to reach the heights of a developed country. India like any other developed country is shining like an armor in this field and has definitely created a niche for itself. India too has an enormous and a great contribution in this field of creativity. It has many IT Industries that are booming. The Central Government of India has come up with 5 major apps in July 2015, that can connect appox 2,50,000 villages, as reported by ibtimes. The top 5 apps are : myGovIndia, MEA India, IRCTC connect, Incredible India, RTI India and Karnataka Mobile One. Amongst the blooming industries, Silicon Valley has created a niche for itself in the market.

We at Silicon Valley provide the best developers team to develop your app using Android SDK and NDK to the best, thereby making your app more interesting, creative and handy. Silicon Valley has been working in this field for the past 12 years and have the finest and experienced Android App Developers India who aid you in developing your app. At Silicon Valley, we also deal with iOS, Blackberry and Windows development.The developers at Silicon Valley are innovative, dedicated, hard working and more over they are keen and passionate about creating galvanizing apps for their galvanizing users. Silicon Valley has clients not only in India but also in the USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa and many other countries.


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