The Top Android App Development Tips to Develop a High Quality App

In the event that you are great at creating android applications with parcel of involvement in this field and in the event that you are wanting to wind up an android designer soon then you should without a doubt give it a shot as though your application has decent components and on the off chance that it gets saw by great number of individuals then you will clearly receive a tremendous fortune in return. In any case, first you have to recollect that you are rivaling a huge number of different applications in the application store and any oversight can get you lost in the ocean of applications.


You will see part of applications with immense number of downloads and positive audits and some shelled with negative surveys or completely overlooked in the application stores. On the off chance that your application expends parcel of battery and part of memory then despite the fact that it has great gathering of elements that application will flounder at the play stores. Once in a while even extremely splendid coding for an application doesn’t do well so we should discuss a few tips that you have to recall when you begin assembling an application.

1) Survey and follow all the Guidelines

  • It is necessary for all the android developers to follow the set of guidelines to develop an app provided by the Google.
  • By following the guideline the users will naturally understand the working of the app properly and they will also enjoy using it further.
  • The navigational drawer should be well designed and it I also of one of the most prime importance in the app development.

2) Be updated with the latest trends of the app Development

  • The Google releases its new updates with the current SDK which will help all the developers with lot of different ways of developing and working with the apps.
  • The Android 4.4 had lots of new designs and techniques to work with for all the android developers.
  • Constantly updating the app will be a very good strategy to implement the new features and set new standards and experience to your app.

3) Note What the Users Has to say About your App

  • Always update and improve your apps through all the user inputs as this will highly provide a positive impact in your app.
  • The users will love it when they come to know that the app developers are taking their feedback seriously and it will also increase the user interaction in the app.
  • Always give attention to the reviews on all the social media sites and also have a personal interaction with them so as to increase the user engagement in the app.

4) Learn more about the android devices

  • Many android developers don’t even use Android Smart phones as much as the normal users.
  • The developers should be aware with all the functionalities in any of the Android devices and also give active participation in the android communities.
  • You can connect with people with the same interest as yours in all the social media and also in many forum sites.
  • You can improve your coding abilities with all the interaction with the other coders and users.

5) The app must be Compatible with all Android Devices

  • Many app developers make mobile apps only for some particular number of devices because they are more in use than others.
  • But the tables can turn any time in the mobile market so we must be careful in the beginning itself and make a universal app which can be easily run in any android devices.
  • Your app must have density-independent pixels which will help you to maintain a consistency throughout the devices.
  • The latest Android will calculate the number of pixels in the application by itself which will help in more consistency through many different devices.

6) Have limit with the Advertisements

  • Ads are the main source of income for most of the apps in the app stores but too much ads in your app can be harmful for it as it can lose you lots of users.
  • There are lots of other ways through which you can monetize your android app by not compromising the experience of the users.
  • You can sell your app, or give your app for free and provide many amazing in app features which the users will have to pay to use.
  • The users nowadays will spend money to use apps which give out good features.

If in the near future you are planning to make an Android app Developers India by yourself then it would be very beneficial for your app if you follow these top android app development tips to develop an app. These tips can help you to make the best quality of apps and also get a very good user inter engagement in it.


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