Poll results: it’s time to upgrade from KitKat Android OS


Of the 408 voters in this survey, 57 percent of you said the time had come to redesign from KitKat. This is fascinating considering the OS is over two years of age. However, does despite everything it have the usefulness and application bolster Android clients need?

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With 43 percent of you voting to keep KitKat, it appears to be so. There wasn’t such a major hole between every side of the vote. Since Marshmallow is taking off to new gadgets, KitKat is getting somewhat dusty. In any case, it appears that, despite the fact that a large number of you are wanting to overhaul soon, there is still a lot of life left in Android 4.4.

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Microsoft Release Windows 10 Mobile Next Month

Microsoft Release Windows 10 Mobile Next Month

It was beforehand reported that Microsoft was wanting to discharge Windows 10 Mobile to existing Windows Phone 8 cell phones in January 2016, it’s trusted that the organization wound up racking those arrangements because of a few defers, and as per another report it’s presently going to discharge Windows 10 Mobile for existing gadgets one month from now. Microsoft is said to have imparted the news of this rescheduling to its accomplices.

The report likewise asserts that beside postponing the Windows 10 Mobile discharge by one month, Microsoft has additionally wound up deferring the booked month to month administration redesign for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, despite the fact that the December arrangement was fruitful.

The email allegedly specifies that the administration upgrade and the significant overhaul for legacy handsets are not prepared yet which is the reason the organization needs more opportunity to take a shot at it, as an outcome the discharge winds up getting postponed. It hopes to have the product prepared by one month from now.

Preference that Windows Phone 8 handsets proprietors get is that when Windows 10 Mobile is at last discharged for them, they’ll get the latest rendition of the product, which will incorporate everything that the February administration overhaul is going to convey to the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

Ideally, Microsoft will have the capacity to push out this overhaul one month from now, its clients have as of now been sitting tight for quite a while, and they would’ve like to hold up any longer.

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5 Free Android Apps You Didn’t Know Microsoft Made

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Gone are the days when Microsoft would keep all it’s best applications for Windows alone. For the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, the Redmond-mammoth has been conveying its applications to all stages, including the Cortana right hand on Android and iOS.

These days, some of Microsoft’s best portable applications are intended for different stages, and on numerous events aren’t even accessible on Windows.

Taking a gander at the sheer number of applications Microsoft now makes for Android, we chose to pick the absolute most fascinating ones that you won’t not think about. Everybody thinks about applications, for example, Microsoft Office and Outlook, however there are a significant number of good Microsoft applications on Android that you won’t not have known about, for example, these five applications.

1. Parchi

An Android application with an Indian association, Parchi is a generally obscure application made by none other than Microsoft. Parchi is a Hindi word that generally means a chit of paper, which is a well-suited name for a notes application. The application Parchi lets you scribble down notes from the lock screen itself. It has most other fundamental components, for example, labeling, looking for, and sharing notes.

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2. Mimicker

Mimicker is a shocking section in this rundown given that Microsoft isn’t generally known for caution applications. This is a creative application that compels you to copy activities so as to kill the caution. It may request that you make a cheerful face and snap a selfie, or to talk a tongue turning phrase. The caution Android App Developers India can be shockingly powerful.

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3. Bolt Launcher

Any rundown of Android Application Development is deficient without a launcher. Bolt Launcher is Microsoft’s endeavor at upgrading your Android experience. It naturally masterminds applications with the ones you utilize the most put at the top. Other efficient activities of this launcher incorporate highlighting individuals you rapidly contact and letting you include notes and updates rapidly. In the event that you simply need a more pleasant or more profitable lock screen, then you might need to look at Picturesque Lock Screen or Next Lock Screen, both by Microsoft.

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4. Ventures and Notes

This is a surprising social notes application from Microsoft. Ventures and Notes lets you take notes while voyaging. When you enter in the spots you’re going from and to, and select a method of transport, you’ll see notes about the voyage from different explorers. Thusly, you may very well find amazing eateries or trekking spots along the way.

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5) Wordament

Wordament is an addictive amusement that difficulties you to discover words from 16 tiles containing one letter each before time runs out. Challenges incorporate finding the most number of words, finding the longest words, among others. In the event that you like this diversion, you should look at Snap Attack, another quick paced word building amusement by the same designers.

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Why iPhone is Every Time Wins


In its earnings report for last quarter, Apple said it expects iPhone sales to slow down this year. It’ll be the first time in the iPhone’s history Apple has reported negative sales growth.

And because Apple is the iPhone company, you’re going to see a lot of tech pundits spewing doom and gloom over the next few days now that Apple’s most important, profitable product is no longer growing the way it used to.

But the iPhone is far from in trouble.

Unless smartphones are suddenly replaced overnight by some magical new technology, the iPhone has a long, successful life ahead of it. It’s not because of superior hardware. (Plenty of other phone makers have devices that can match the iPhone’s specs.) It’s not because of superior design.

It is because of iOS developers india.

Smartphone innovation has stalled to the point that it’s nearly impossible for one Android phone to stand out from another. They all have the same apps and basic features. There’s no major benefit to owning a Samsung phone over a phone from Motorola, LG, HTC, or anyone else.

But the iPhone is the only device with iOS, which has run away with the title of the most valuable smartphone platform.

iPhone app Developers India make more money on iOS, which in turn encourages them to make best apps and updates for the iPhone first. And when the iPhone has the best apps, it keeps users locked into its ecosystem when they’re ready to upgrade to a new device, which in turn keeps developers married to the platform. And so on.

It is not just apps either. Some Apple services, especially iMessage, keep users chained to iOS. iOS also serves as the foundation for other ancillary products like Apple TV and Apple Watch, something Apple’s executives highlighted during the earnings call Tuesday. And Apple keeps its iOS devices consistently updated for years with security fixes and new features. Many Android phones stop getting new, significant updates after a year or so.

iOS is the real rock star. Not the iPhone itself. Great hardware is one thing, but without a powerful platform behind it, that hardware is meaningless. (Look at FitBit, Samsung, and GoPro’s recent troubles if you don’t believe me.)

Apple had a funky 2015, releasing several products and services with questionable designs and curious use cases. Apple Music was full of bugs, and it’s still plagued by a confusing interface. The iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop, despite Apple’s claims it can. The Apple Watch isn’t an essential gadget for most people. The new Apple TV remote is a pain to use.

But the iPhone was rock solid. After all these years, it’s still the best smartphone you can buy. It will probably see a dip in sales this year, and things may still be relatively rocky until Apple refreshes the lineup with a new iPhone in the fall, but there’s no sign of iOS losing its power to Android.

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Android Update we says iPhone software can feel ‘heavy and burdensome

Android Update we says iPhone software can feel ‘heavy and burdensome

When Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. introduced the iPhone about eight years ago, he said that it was a leapfrog product that was 5 years ahead of the competition. With the benefit of hindsight, Jobs’ prediction was remarkably prescient. Indeed, it only took a few years for competing Android handsets to make up a lot of ground and deliver an arguably comparable user experience to the iPhone.

Interestingly enough, the basic user interface of the iPhone hasn’t changed much at all since its inception. At the core, the iPhone App Developers user experience is and always has been dominated by a grid-system of app icons. While the design choice is familiar, Matias Duarte, Google’s head of design, also believes it to be frustratingly stagnant.

During an interesting and all-encompassing interview with Wired, Duarte spoke at length on a number of design-oriented topics. When the iPhone’s original grid design was brought up, Duarte explained that while it may have initially been a positive development, it may have since outworn its welcome.

“[The iPhone] crystallised a lot of other things that were kind of stayed even by that point,” Duarte explained, “like the rows of icons, which don’t scale very well. This idea of a tiny grid that you manually curate starts to feel very heavy and burdensome.”

As for an alternative, Duarte doesn’t present one, but makes a point of noting why he remains so excited about the current state of technology. Because “phones are starting to show their age,” Duarte intimates that perhaps bigger shifts in mobile design lie ahead.

As for whether or not the original grid system introduced by the iPhone has outworn its welcome, I’m inclined to disagree. While there may be room for enhanced functionality with things like 3D Touch, it’s hard to envision an app-dominated user experience being represented any more efficiently.

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How to get Android Marshmallow features on your phone right now

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has at last been discharged, yet at this moment it’s just accessible on a modest bunch of gadgets. It’ll advance toward different leads in the coming weeks, yet as we probably am aware as a matter of fact, it may take a while to achieve everyone. No stresses: here’s the way to get Android Marshmallow highlights on your telephone at this moment.


Android Marshmallow feature: manage app permissions

Have you been cheerfully clicking OK to each application’s authorizations list and now stress they’re sending your own data to God knows where? Android Marshmallow empowers you to permit or deny consent reflectively, so you’re not stayed with the choices you make when you first download the application. It’s exceptionally valuable however it isn’t a piece of Android Lollipop. On the off chance that you have an established gadget, nonetheless, the brilliant XPrivacy can convey the same elements to your versatile or tablet today.


Android Marshmallow feature: Chrome Custom Tabs

Until Android 6.0 Marshmallow, tapping on a connection inside of an application –, for example, a connection you’ve been sent on WhatsApp or in an email – will naturally open the connection in your default program. What’s more, that is fine, however a full program has a strong overhead that you don’t generally need when you’re simply examining what the connection is.

Chrome Custom Tabs in Marshmallow will address that by stacking a stripped-back subset of Chrome that uses less framework assets than the full Chrome program. You can’t add it to Lollipop, yet introducing the ultra-light Link Bubble program and making it the default will do much the same – no establishing required. What Link Bubble does is presentation a connection in a little air pocket, stacking it out of sight while you get on with what you’re doing.


Android Marshmallow feature: Smart Link

Staying with the subject of route, Smart Link is one of those little components in Marshmallow that you’ll soon think about how you oversaw without. Rather than opening each sort of connection in the web program, Smart Link opens them in the fitting application – in this way, for instance, a connection to a tweet opens in your Twitter application without opening the program or asking you what application you need to utilize. On more established adaptations of Android App Development, you can get much the same usefulness by introducing the amazing TapPath.


Android Marshmallow highlight: support for unique mark perusers for installments

In Android Marshmallow, the unique finger impression sensor is upheld all through the OS for opening your telephone as well as for approving things, for example, installments. You can get comparative usefulness in late Samsung gadgets on account of PayPal and FIDO: go to Settings > Fingerprints > Pay with PayPal to empower the element.

In the event that you don’t have a unique finger impression peruser don’t stress: you can utilize ICE Unlock to transform your camera into a scanner, in spite of the fact that it’ll just open your telephone. That is on account of while it works flawlessly well as a telephone unlocker, the camera can’t handle the same level of point of interest as a devoted unique mark scanner, so the security isn’t sufficiently solid to be trusted with your charge or Mastercard subtle elements. Still, it’s sufficient to keep your buddies out without bothering with long passwords.


Android Marshmallow highlight: memory administration

The Task Manager in Android Marshmallow has been fundamentally enhanced over past renditions and empowers you to see what’s utilizing the most or minimum RAM on your gadget. What’s more, it’s anything but difficult to get that on more seasoned Androids as well: since Android initially showed up, the Play Store has been stuffed with Task Manager choices including maverick application executioners and application directors that can break down what’s doing what on your gadget. Here are a few hopefuls:


Android Marshmallow highlight: reorder the application drawer

The application drawer, the bit of Android that demonstrates every one of the applications you have on your gadget, has been changed for Android Marshmallow to make it more sorted out. The initial four symbols are your most-utilized applications, and after that the applications are sorted out in order. For this situation Google’s really playing make up for lost time with the Play Store, where you’ll discover heaps of good and exceptionally adjustable application launchers. You’ll discover some of our top choices here:


Android Marshmallow highlight: Doze and battery enhancements

Battery life remains the Achilles heel of most gadgets, and in Android 6.0, Google has presented a heap of vitality sparing upgrades including Doze and the capacity to charge truly rapidly by means of USB-C. Tragically you can’t retrofit a USB-C port to your gadget yet you can utilize an assortment of traps to enhance battery life and charging. We’ve incorporated the best ones here:


Android Marshmallow highlight: shrewd SD card support

Android Marshmallow can treat SD cards as if they were internal storage, without the limitations that applied to external storage. That means goodbye to storage limits for app installations or data associated with heavy duty apps. If you’ve rooted your device, Link2SD does much the same.