5 Free Android Apps You Didn’t Know Microsoft Made

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Gone are the days when Microsoft would keep all it’s best applications for Windows alone. For the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, the Redmond-mammoth has been conveying its applications to all stages, including the Cortana right hand on Android and iOS.

These days, some of Microsoft’s best portable applications are intended for different stages, and on numerous events aren’t even accessible on Windows.

Taking a gander at the sheer number of applications Microsoft now makes for Android, we chose to pick the absolute most fascinating ones that you won’t not think about. Everybody thinks about applications, for example, Microsoft Office and Outlook, however there are a significant number of good Microsoft applications on Android that you won’t not have known about, for example, these five applications.

1. Parchi

An Android application with an Indian association, Parchi is a generally obscure application made by none other than Microsoft. Parchi is a Hindi word that generally means a chit of paper, which is a well-suited name for a notes application. The application Parchi lets you scribble down notes from the lock screen itself. It has most other fundamental components, for example, labeling, looking for, and sharing notes.

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2. Mimicker

Mimicker is a shocking section in this rundown given that Microsoft isn’t generally known for caution applications. This is a creative application that compels you to copy activities so as to kill the caution. It may request that you make a cheerful face and snap a selfie, or to talk a tongue turning phrase. The caution Android App Developers India can be shockingly powerful.

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3. Bolt Launcher

Any rundown of Android Application Development is deficient without a launcher. Bolt Launcher is Microsoft’s endeavor at upgrading your Android experience. It naturally masterminds applications with the ones you utilize the most put at the top. Other efficient activities of this launcher incorporate highlighting individuals you rapidly contact and letting you include notes and updates rapidly. In the event that you simply need a more pleasant or more profitable lock screen, then you might need to look at Picturesque Lock Screen or Next Lock Screen, both by Microsoft.

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4. Ventures and Notes

This is a surprising social notes application from Microsoft. Ventures and Notes lets you take notes while voyaging. When you enter in the spots you’re going from and to, and select a method of transport, you’ll see notes about the voyage from different explorers. Thusly, you may very well find amazing eateries or trekking spots along the way.

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5) Wordament

Wordament is an addictive amusement that difficulties you to discover words from 16 tiles containing one letter each before time runs out. Challenges incorporate finding the most number of words, finding the longest words, among others. In the event that you like this diversion, you should look at Snap Attack, another quick paced word building amusement by the same designers.

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