Google is purportedly making an iOS console with chase usefulness

google keyboard

It appears that Google is working on a third-party keyboard for iOS that would allow search functionality directly within the keyboard itself, according to The Verge.

Casey Newton reports that the console will have swipe usefulness, giving clients a chance to run their finger starting with one letter then onto the next as opposed to tapping out every individual letter. Apple opened up outsider consoles in June 2014 with the dispatch of iOS 8, yet outsider console creators like Swype, SwiftKey and Fleksy experience experienced issues fulfilling clients in the long haul.

Be that as it may, Google’s new console is accounted for to go well past the fundamental writing capacity to give look abilities too. Via a special search icon, users can do a direct Google search right within their Messages app (or any other app that uses the keyboard). This inquiry reaches out to picture and GIF seek, which Newton expect will be fueled by Google’s own particular Image look, and not an outsider like Giphy.

The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious.

Pursuit is Google’s most lucrative and critical business. With the establishment of portable, Apple has turned into a delegate between the client and the query items. In Safari, for instance, Google can’t track your web utilization the same way they can when you utilize Chrome on a desktop. Also, clients of iOS have the alternative to pick which web search tool they’d like to use, with choices for Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo.

And finally, people search less on their smartphones than they do on the web. Instead of typing Seamless or TechCrunch or Facebook into the Google Search bar, users can simply tap on the app that they want. The application natural group, while favored for the customer over the compact web, has expected away Google’s position in the pecking request of getting where you have to go digitally.

But it’s possible that this isn’t just a failsafe issue, but an offensive move. Messaging is the next frontier for advertising.

From Snapchat’s geofilters to Slack’s Giphy integration, the influx of media into our daily conversations will only grow. And that media is likely to be paid for by an advertiser. By giving inquiry inside of our genuine discussions, Google couldn’t just stop the draining however get a transfusion.

Google’s iOS console likewise seems to wear committed quest catches for pictures and GIFs, which the distribution accepts are directed through Google picture seek.

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Have a problem with WhatsApp? Here are the solutions

I can’t install WhatsApp

In order to download the latest version of WhatsApp, you need to have a smartphone running Android version 2.1 (by the end of 2016, Android 2.1 and 2.2 will no longer be supported) or higher. You can check your phone’s current Android version in Settings > About Phone.

If you’re trying to install the WhatsApp app from the WhatsApp website, you’ll need to have Unknown Sources enabled in your security settings. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to activate it.

whatsapp install developers india

How do I install WhatsApp on a tablet?

If you have a tablet that only works with Wi-Fi, you will have problems installing WhatsApp, because you generally need a SIM card and a phone number to activate your WhatsApp account.

There is a solution to this problem. All you need is a working cell phone, your phone number, and our detailed guide on how to get WhatsApp on your tablet. A word of caution: if you play around with things that aren’t normally allowed, you do so at your own risk.

tablet whatsapp install

I can’t connect to WhatsApp or WhatsApp not working

WhatsApp connection problems are usually caused by your Wi-Fi or network data connection. If you aren’t able to send a message, here are a few solutions:

  • Make sure your phone is switched on (one for the newbies).
  • Install the latest version of the app from the Play Store (link above).
  • Check your internet connection, Wi-Fi or 3G (in Settings > Wireless and Network).
  • Make sure that a Task Killer app isn’t affecting WhatsApp.
  • Empty the app cache (Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Clear Cache).
  • Finally, the most extreme solution: uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Sometimes, even the mighty WhatsApp experiences server issues. If you think WhatsApp isn’t working because the service is down, then head over to the WhatsApp Status Twitter account, where outage updates are provided.

WhatsApp doesn’t recognize my contacts

There are a few reasons why WhatsApp wouldn’t recognize your contacts, so here is a simple checklist to make sure it does:

  • Make sure you have the correct contact numbers (the ones they use for WhatsApp).
  • Make sure that they are currently using WhatsApp.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • In your contact list, make sure all of you contacts are ‘visible’ and/or ‘viewable’.
  • In your contact list, make sure all of your contact groups (friends, family, co-workers, etc) are set to ‘visible’ and/or ‘viewable’.

recognize my contacts


How do I add international contacts in WhatsApp?

We’ve all been there: you’re traveling through South America, and you’re introduced to that girl in that hostel that you know you’ll want to keep in touch with forever. You get her digits, and search for her in WhatsApp, but she’s not there…

The solution is simple: when adding international contacts, you must always make sure you include the correct regional code (for example, +51 for Peru), even if your current number uses the same code. It might help if the other person does the same for your number too. If you’re entering the country code manually, you’ll need to delete the first 0 from the number, too.

How do I block contacts in WhatsApp?

People block contacts for any number of reasons. I’m not here to judge. The process is very simple. To block a contact, all you need to do is go to the conversation with the contact you wish to block, tap the options button (the three dots), tap More and then tap Block.

You can add as many contacts as you like to this black list and then you won’t receive any more messages from them. If you later decide you would like to unblock a contact, go back to the same place and choose Unblock.

block contacts in WhatsApp - silicon valley

What does ‘Last Seen’ mean in WhatsApp?

The ‘Last Seen’ time stamp tells you when a user was last using WhatsApp. This does not necessarily mean that they have read your messages, only that they opened the application.

When you’re in WhatsApp and one of your contacts also opens it, you’ll see their status change to ‘Online’, but again, this doesn’t mean they’re looking at your messages, just that they are using WhatsApp.

How do I hide my Last Seen timestamp in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, go to your Settings, then to Account, then to Privacy. In this menu, tap Last Seen and select Nobody from the options that pop up. This means that no one will be able to see the last time you had WhatsApp open. Enabling this option means that you won’t be able to see when your contacts were last online either.

timestamp in WhatsApp - silicon valley

I can’t see Last Seen on WhatsApp

If you are unable to see the Last Seen timestamp in a conversation, it could be for a number of reasons. If you’ve disabled your Last Seen time in Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen, then you won’t be able to see other people’s Last Seen times, either.

If the problem is only with one or some contacts, then it might mean that they’ve disabled the Last Seen time in their WhatsApp settings. If they’re still receiving and responding to your messages, this is almost certainly the case.

The final reason is that a contact has blocked you. If your messages never get past the two grey ticks, then this makes it more certain that you’ve been blocked, and if you can’t see changes to the contact’s profile, then you’ve certainly been blocked. Many apologies.

Seen on WhatsApp - silicon valley

How do I pay for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now entirely free. So no need to worry about this anymore.

How do I backup my WhatsApp conversations?

As of version 2.12.453 of the app, WhatsApp now supports Google Drive backups, which are by far the easiest way of ensuring none of your conversations are erased from existence. Set this up by going to Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup. You can choose how often you want WhatsApp to automatically backup your messages and media and set it so it only does so when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

WhatsApp conversations - silicon valley

What do the blue check marks mean in WhatsApp?

There is a lot of confusion about what the two checks (or tick marks) in your WhatsApp message window mean. If you want a complete breakdown of all the markings in WhatsApp, take a look at our detailed What do the WhatsApp check marks mean? article, which also covers the microphone markings for audio messages.

Here is a quick summary:

  • The clock symbol means your message is yet to be sent from your device.
  • One gray tick means that the message has been sent and has been received by the WhatsApp server.
  • Two gray ticks mean the message has been delivered to the intended device.
  • Two blue ticks mean that the recipient/recipients have seen the message. (In group conversations, this means when all participants in the group have viewed the message.)

How do I stop people from knowing that I’ve read their messages?

As of WhatsApp version 2.11.444, you can disable the WhatsApp blue check marks (read receipts) so that users do not know whether you have read your messages. This works both ways, so only disable this if you’re OK with not knowing who has read your messages too. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts.

read their messages - silicon valley

How do I delete my WhatsApp account?

Firstly, deleting your WhatsApp account and deleting the WhatsApp app are two different things. If you make the decision to cut ties with WhatsApp, you can just uninstall if from your device. You will be able to download it again from the Play Store later if you want to, but this is not the same as deleting your account.

  • To uninstall the WhatsApp app from your phone: go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Uninstall.
  • To delete your WhatsApp account entirely: go to WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Delete My Account and confirm your phone number. You also have the option to change your WhatsApp number associated with your account here.

WhatsApp account - silicon valley

How do I disable media auto-download in WhatsApp?

While this is a super handy feature when connected to free Wi-Fi, auto-downloading media shared by your friends is not the best idea if you are near your data limit.

To disable this feature, go to Settings > Chats and calls > Media auto-download, and configure the options to your liking. Note that voice messages are always automatically downloaded, but their file sizes are usually much smaller than pictures and videos.

media auto-download in WhatsApp - silicon valley

How do I share and send any file in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has a relatively limited number of file types you can send: photos, videos, audio, map location, contact details. Even with those supported file types, WhatsApp heavily compresses them. But what if you want to send a PDF or a GIF?

As of version 2.12.489 (currently in beta) WhatsApp supports document sharing. Just hit the attachments paperclip and then Document and you can choose from PDFs stored on your device. If you share a lot of documents, there’s also a handy way to quickly see a history of what documents have been shared in a conversation. Just hit the trio of dots, then Media and press on the Documents tab.

share and send any file in WhatsApp - silicon valley

If you’re yet to receive this update, or don’t like using beta versions, then the easiest way to circumvent these limitations is to use an app. We recommend one called CloudSend, which links to a Dropbox account and then creates short-link URLs to any type of file you want to share, in WhatsApp or elsewhere. Simply grab the app, hit the share menu for the file and choose CloudSend.

share and send any file in WhatsApp - 2 - silicon valley

If you have more questions, you can check out our forum or leave your requests in the comments below and we’ll update this article with more solutions for your WhatsApp problems.

Improving Mobile Application Development – Tips For Business Apps

mobile apps development iphone app developers india siliconinfo

Building a mobile application for your business is a good start. Embracing new technology and futuristic mobile solutions could be your first step into the future that definitely will be more advanced and more mobile. Organizations need to ensure that their versatile applications are produced according to current patterns and future good approach. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your mobile application development and create apps that help improve your business efficiency and productivity.

Support for real time experiences

Modern business applications require real time feed from some kind of a backend system. For example, some alerts for a monitoring application, flight information for arrivals and departures for ground staff etc. Your versatile application ought to have the capacity to consolidate this and shrewdly get to information to send the most upgraded data to the portable application’s front end.

Ensure prompt interaction

If your app requires some input from the end user, make sure that you include features that respond to their inputs promptly. There should not be more than 4 seconds delay between the user’s input and your app’s response. So, build apps that can cope with speed and user engagement.

Do not develop for just one platform

Mobile users spread across a diverse set of devices – Androids, iPhones, Windows devices and more. Make sure that your app is not restricted to just one kind of device or one type of operating system platform.

Don’t develop an app that cannot leverage from device features

Make sure that your app makes use of device features like memory, GPS, camera and other hardware. This will ensure better performance. If your app does not require device features, you might as well use a web app.

Keep network operators and the limitations of speed in mind

Make sure that your app can pick up dropped connectivity as soon as it is available. Your app should instantly detect and connect and function as normal. Make the most of the bandwidth and infrastructure that is available to you.

Include features for corporate and backend systems as well

Make sure that your app can connect to the backend databases and other information that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere.

Security Features are critical for the success of your app

When you talk of business apps, security is a critical feature. Make sure that you include excellent security features to protect your business data from malicious attacks. All the network traffic between the app and the backend servers should be encrypted.

Using app templates for your design

Avoid using templates for your app design if you want to give your app a unique look and feel.

Testing your app

Make sure that your app has been tested for all usage scenarios. An app with flaws that are reported by customers is bound to fail. Make sure that your app is perfected before it is released for customer use.

Failover support for critical business apps

If you are building a business app, make sure your downtime is compensated by a failover mechanism. Clustering the backend servers is a good idea. Make sure that your app is hosted on a clustered server that ensures failover when one server fails.

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Best Android apps of 2016: 11 apps you must try

Best productivity app for Android

Manually typing passwords takes a lot of time and remembering them all is difficult. Everybody has forgotten a password or two at some point in their lives. Enter Dashlane, the app which saves all of them so you can easily copy and paste these into online forms when necessary.

A common concern with password manager apps is whether you can trust their security service. Dash lane uses encrypted codes and regularly monitors them to ensure you have peace of mind.

Best productivity app for Android

What’s more, Dashlane streamlines and secures other types of data used in online forms, like credit card information. You can spare money related points of interest and rapidly duplicate them onto your web shopping entryway of decision. What’s more, it consequently spares the receipts of every one of your buys so you can track your spending.

Best job search app for Android

Searching for a new job used to involve hours of looking through classified ads in newspapers and many different job posting sites. Now with sites like Indeed, job perusing has improved and you are able to narrow results and streamline this process.

Indeed’s mobile app for Android lets you search for a job when you’re on-the-go so you can find your next employment adventure, anywhere, anytime. You can narrow the results for specific geographical regions, salary expectations or type of employment (full-time, part-time, etc.).

job search app for Android

The Indeed app tracks your search history so you will only see the results you haven’t viewed yet. You can also upload your resume if you want make it easier to apply for job you’re interested in. Employers can then view your uploaded resume and see if you’re a good fit for the position.

Best weather app for Android

There are plenty of weather apps available that are more accurate and better looking than the ones that come pre-installed on your Android device.

MORECAST is our current favorite weather app here at Silicon Valley because it has one of the best-looking interfaces, with a clear and sensible layout. It’s also one of the most advanced apps of its kind, featuring such options as side-by-side weather comparisons for two cities, and accurate weather information for a particular route or journey. MORECAST is the right approach to make a cell phone climate application, and best of all, it’s free.

Best weather app for Android

Best launcher app for Android

Launchers offer a simple way to customize the look and feel of your Android App Development India. They often combine new icons, a new app drawer layout, a new homescreen and new wallpaper to make your device fit a certain style or theme.

You have to try them out to appreciate how fun they can be and the one we recommend right now is Action Launcher 3. This is an excellent introduction to launchers because it provides clear and intuitive interface changes without adding so many that it becomes off-putting.

Best launcher app for Android

With Action Launcher 3 you can perform simple tweaks such as changing the app drawer layout, changing app icons, and even altering the way you use your homescreen folders. It offers genuinely useful interface improvements and it’s free; download it from the link below.

Best fitness and lifestyle app for Android

Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds or just improve your energy levels, the 7 Minute Workout app is a great entry point into Android-assisted health and fitness.

The 7 Minute Workout focuses on a short, high-intensity routine, which is scientifically proven to aid weight loss and improve cardiovascular function. For individuals who consider the thought of getting an exercise center participation or going crosscountry running scaring, this application gives the ideal hopping off point, because of the quickness of its workouts.

Best fitness and lifestyle app for Android

Unlike many Android fitness apps, the 7 Minute workout doesn’t ask for your height and weight or track your overall progress, but what it lacks in features, it makes up for in simplicity. You just look over the exercises, hit the start button and away you go. Begin your healthier lifestyle today with the free 7 Minute Workout app.

Best security/antivirus app

Android security is a contentious subject and arguments about the safety of the system crop up frequently. If you are in the market for an antivirus app, our current favorite is Mobile Security & Antivirus from Avast.

Mobile Security & Antivirus keeps you safe from malware threats with its excellent virus detection software, which can search through your browser history, microSD card, and internal storage space. What’s more, it employs anti-theft features such as location tracking and remote data wipe, which work even if your device is not currently in your possession.

Best security-antivirus app

Best Android browser app

As a Google product, Chrome is the perfect browser for Android and, since it comes pre-installed on most phones, it’s something that most people are familiar with. Chrome Beta is our current best Android browser app because it’s just the, ahem, better version of the browser we already love.

Chrome beta is Chrome of the future, it’s what the standard Chrome app will become once Google applies the latest changes, fixes and improvements it is working on. Chrome beta users get to experience these things before the masses.

Best Android browser app

The price paid for quicker access to new features is that, of course, sometimes there are bugs or issues that need to be ironed out. None of these will cause any damage to your phone or its software however, and these browser crashes and stutters very rare.

Best Android podcast app

Podcast Addict is a beautiful app because it piles an excellent free service on top of free service — that is, listening to awesome podcasts. Podcast Addict itself is a free download and it lets you search for, download and listen to podcasts (with its integrated audio player), as well as create playlists of the upcoming shows you want to tune in to.

What’s more, it houses a neat “trending” search feature so you can see what else is currently popular in the podcast world, providing a simple entry point for newcomers. While it’s not always the easiest to navigate, it does everything a good Podcast app should do and it does it well.

Best Android podcast app

Best app for downloading free music on Android

Google Play Music is our favorite app for downloading free music right now. Though there are many music download apps available in the Play Store, they are often quickly removed because of their copyright-impinging functionality. Google Play Music provides you with a totally legit, ever-changing list of free tracks from major artists to download.

Spotify has an excellent paid subscription service, and Sound Cloud has a multitude of tracks readily available to stream, but for actually downloading tracks to your phone, Google Play Music is as good as you can get.

Best app for downloading free music on Android

Best image-editing app for Android

Photo Director is the whole package. It has everything you could possibly need to edit your photos. The tools range from simple text bubbles and filters, to more complex things such as HSL and curves, and they’re all heavily adjustable, helping you get the best out of your photos. It’s for messing around on and seeing what you end up with.

The app is developed by Cyber Link, a large Taiwanese multimedia software company, so they have the money to splash on an app, and it shows. Highly recommended for novices and pros-on-the-go alike.

Best image-editing app for Android

Best video app for Android

The default video player on your Android App Developers India will probably ‘do the job’ and play most standard video formats without much fuss. But if you’re playing niche formats or enjoy tinkering with the video settings to get the perfect picture, then you’ll need to branch out.

Best video app for Android

VLC for Android supports a huge number of video formats and has a slew of adjustable settings to create the viewing experience you desire. You can also use hardware acceleration to take full advantage of your smartphone’s processor. The gestures are simple and intuitive, and the audio player is also highly capable. Check it out.

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Guidelines for Developing an e-Commerce App for iPhone Users

iphone - app developers india ecommerce-ios-app

E commerce is an influential business term which keeps on creating a lot of rings, and whistles in the present scenario. An exclusively framed e-commerce application has tremendous potentials to gather good amounts of revenue for every business entrepreneur. After analyzing the success of e-commerce applications, businesspersons wish to grab the chance, and try their luck in this domain. In general, e commerce applications demand relatively high user-interface, hence choosing iOS as the platform will be beneficial. iPhone app developers as well as businesspersons who create an e-commerce app for the first time will have to stick to certain basic elements, and that are mentioned in this article.

Do A Market Analysis and Create The App Accordingly

Before entering into the creation of iPhone applications, directly, you should do an ample analysis of the market. Then only, you can find out how effectively your application will operate in that market. Recognize the key components that your rival furnishes to customers with the help of their application. Along these lines a business visionary can include excellent components, and make their application truly emerge, and stay as a restrictive one in the iPhone Application Development.

Choose The Best iPhone App Developers in The Industry

Once you get into the open market for the creation e commerce applications that run in the iOS platform, you will meet numerous companies that offer the same services. Then entrepreneurs need to find out answers for some usual questions: Do the iPhone application designer has any related involvements in making e business applications? What is the present rating of iPhone App Developers India made by the engineer? Is the client criticism of the organization great? If you are receiving a positive answer for all these questions, then it will be wise to select the particular company or developer for creating your application.

Make Use Of Native Technologies and Be Localized At Most

Your e commerce application developed for iPhone users will be the best, if it is created by using native technologies, especially ‘Objective c’ as the language to the core. All components empowered in the application ought to be available by each nearby client. Your e business iPhone application must backing numerous dialects, and open serenely in all regions. Clients are having most cutting edge iPhone gadgets in their grasp nowadays. Then e- commerce applications must be tuned with advanced technologies to work in modern iPhone devices having no functional issues.

Create An App Which Excels The App Store Specifications

Apple maintains a faultless review process for keeping the authenticity of their App store. For that reason iPhone applications comes with least number of bugs, crashes, and performance issues. Make an e commerce iPhone applications Developers India which goes beyond the expectations of the viewers in terms of function as well as performance.

Let Your App Be Innovative in All Specifications

E-commerce applications centers round the listing of categories. Users who install your e commerce application in their iPhone devices must receive all virtues such as well- defined categories that make easy for users to pick out their desired products, one-tap and secure payment options, user-friendliness, superb navigation, formidable social media integration, and rapid downloads so on. In logos, graphics, and design, your application should have least resemblance to the competing e commerce application, as well.

Spread The Word Before The Launch

Every user who makes use of iOS operating system should be aware of the launch date of your new e commerce application. Spread the good-word of your application by all means of advertisement encompassing social media platforms even before the launch, and ease the initial pressure on developers who are involved in the process of your introductory e-commerce iPhone application development.

Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd offering facilities like iPhone app development provide you with 24*7 customer service internationally. Feel free to contact us for any aid or assistance.

How to control your PC with Android Phone Apps

1. Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection is one of the highest-rated and most popular remote applications on the Play Store, and for good reason too.

This free PC remote application for smartphones and tablets offers up a number of different remotes and functions in a single chunky package. Whilst it’s possible to control a computer’s keyboard and mouse through a remote device, Remote Control Collection is also capable of managing media files, presentations and more.

Remote Control Collection

The Remote Control Collection is split into six categories, consisting of Mouse, Keyboard, Live Screen (Pro), Media Player (Pro), Slideshows (Pro) and Speech recognition.

Heading to the Android Remote configuration page on your PC will start the process of setting up the app, which requires you to download remote software to your computer, identify your IP address and then pair the app with your handheld gadget. Whilst the process sounds a little dull, it doesn’t take much time at all to get up and running.

Remote Control Collection’s start page on mobile is split into Remotes and Devices. Using the mouse to control your computer screen is very simple and there’s app shortcuts to expand the keyboard so you can use the function keys, copy and paste, zoom and so on. Simply put, Remote Control Collection gets the job done without much fuss.

2. Remote Link (PC Remote)

The Remote Link app arrives courtesy of As us, which means you’ll need a copy of As us own Remote Link server software on your computer before you can get going.

Remote Link supports all the features you’d expect and more, including handy multi-pad gestures and Android Wear compatibility. Android Wear functionality is a nice addition, because it means that As us Zen Watch owners can control a computer-based presentation entirely from the screen of their wearable.

There’s also a presentation remote and a media remote compatible with Windows Media Player thrown in for good measure.

Remote Link (PC Remote) - siliconinfo

If you’re a fan of clean app design, then you’ll feel right at home exploring all that Remote Link has to offer. The Android remote tool has a clean look to it, and all the menus and their functions are very clearly labeled to avoid any confusion. As us remote app is well-reviewed over on the Play Store, with plenty of downloaders complimenting the app’s straightforward design.

We’ve spotted some complaints about the ads built into the experience proving a nuisance, but it’s hard to complain too much when the app is free.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s answer to controlling your PC with an Android App Developers India smartphone requires a Chrome extension to function, and once you’ve sorted out a PIN for the remote computer you’re ready to go.

Chrome Remote Desktop has been around for a long time and continues to deliver a solid experience, arriving with cross-platform features for both Windows and Mac users. An internet browser running Google Chrome is naturally the only requirement.

Chrome Remote Desktop - siliconinfo

As long as you’re signed into the same Google account on your smartphone as your computer, the Chrome Remote Desktop app will let you control the PC wirelessly from the mobile’s screen. Whilst there’s a slight delay while a connection is first established, for the most part you can expect a lag-free experience.

Rotating your smartphone to landscape mode will give a clearer view of your PC desktop, and there’s a couple of commonly-used keyboard shortcuts built in to make typing easy.

4. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is crammed with features, coming reloaded with support for over 90 separate programs including a useful file manager tool and media players for music and video files.

Unified Remote - siliconinfo

This Android-compatible remote app is quick to configure, starring automatic server detection to easily configure your home network. Customizable server passwords are built in and multi-touch mouse control is included.

Meanwhile, Unified Remote has a variety of different themes to choose from, and 18 remotes are bundled into the free package. The full version adds some more tools including voice commands, NFC commands, Android Wear support and more.

Music apps supported by Unified Remote include Spotify, iTunes and Google Music, and streaming addicts can control YouTube, Netflix and Hulu with the remote app too.

5. Team Viewer for Remote Control

Team Viewer for Remote Control is fast and secure, capable of transferring files both to and from various devices.

The Team Viewer remote app is free to download and requires the Team Viewer PC software to function. Download the software, enter your computer’s Team Viewer ID and password and then it’s full speed ahead.

As expected, full keyboard functionality is on offer, as is multi-monitor support and the option to ‘remotely administrate unattended computers.

TeamViewer for Remote Control - siliconinfo

The folk behind Team Viewer say that the app can quite easily become a valuable tool in the workplace, but there’s enough features included in the download for it to be useful at home too.

Team Viewer for Remote Control is certainly the most business-orientated PC remote app we’ve covered in our list, but it has many of the same features as its competitors.

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Increase Your Business ROI with iPhone App Development


iPhone development is the most impressive program in mobile technology due to its amazing features, sleek look and multi functionality that display the reason for it being so well known among the iPhone buyers and iPhone app developers.Individuals are enraptured by iPhone and they are putting in tremendous budgetary duty on Apple items. The interest for iPhone’s is enhancing step by step which implies all the while that the necessity for iPhone application is expanding too.

In existing situation, business persons are increasing in iPhone app development industry. They know the potential of iPhone app development and are very warm to get outstanding returns on Investment through those means; hence their focus is on the iPhone app market. Moreover people are bound with iPhone app development companies for creating advanced iPhone Apps and because of these purposes, they are choosing professional & skilled iPhone app developers.

Business people are having sure of the capability of iPhone application Development and are exceptionally sharp to get remarkable rates of return for their speculation so they concentrate on iPhone application market. iPhone has brought an incredible development for the adolescents keen on applications. If you want to launch a website which is also compatible with iPhone and iPad you will experience an expected increase in sales for your business. Entrepreneurs recognized the fact that they have to launch their business on iPhone platform to support it and ensure to stay in the competition. Business owners realize the importance of having an iPhone app, iPhone’s are everywhere in the corporate world and having an iPhone app definitely helps giving a boost the business. iPhone apps is a good approach to reach up-to possible customers and the type of apps on the app store is always increasing.

iPhone application developers or software development companies need to identify first particular needs of their buyers and develop an application that can fulfill these needs. Developers should also be able to complete the task within the stipulated time and expected deliverable. iPhone app developers introduce new and unique applications every day. So buyer has options to choose the best application which can make their lives interesting and easier with the usage of seamless applications. In this way to get high ROI, organizations must contract proficient and gifted designers for iPhone applications creation. Beside applications making, there is additionally a need to relentlessly enhance it. So designers are required for support and constant formation of the application.

Normally aside from the first-string innovations, companies’ assists iPhone app developer produce a debugger and stimulation tool to remove bug from iPhone app Developers India. In support, companies should also plan their marketing policy carefully to appeal more buyers.

iPhone applications development is one of the most widely held industry and has an outstanding market of billions, so it’s a good thing to create an idea, transform it into an app and make enormous money out of it. The business sector for iPhone applications is extremely favorable that your application can be sold effectively in a given time allotment provided food the item is generally perceived, exceptionally helpful, energizing, easy to use and has been created with extraordinary care and grade-fitting strategy. The buyers of mobile apps like iPhone is increasing every day and the needs and demands are also constantly changing which gives the industry much divergence to further development and business opportunities.