Android N – A New Scope for Android Developers

Android N - A New Scope for Android Developers

The employment of smartphones has increased twofold and so each brand, be it small or huge, is in the race to furnish customers with multiple prodigious applications. In today’s world, not possessing a smartphone is unimaginable. The simple, small looking smartphone has gradually dominated the world and has become a potent tool with multiple applications. Having examined thoroughly about the increasing demand of the smartphone applications, various top-notch firms such as Google and Apple Inc. have entered the picture and assert to provide exquisite applications.

According to the recent discovery, Android N, by far is believed to be the record-breaking discoveries by Google plus the incorporation of 3D touch-style interaction, Launcher shortcuts and multiple developments and novel attributes, it is sure to create an uproar in the market.

Basic features of Android N:


Few improvements have been made in this attribute. With the Bundled Notifications attribute, users can easily venture Group notifications into individual notifications with the aid of two-finger gesture or tap the expansion option.

Enhanced Java 8 Support:

Android N imports the Java 8 attributes to the OS. Employing Java 8 implies using lambdas which further implies trimming the boilerplate code. In addition, features such as streams, functional interfaces etc can be accessed as well.

Myriad Window Support:

This multi-window feature helps display myriad windows on a single shot. The feature known as android:resizableActivity has empowered, the users to place applications in a split-screen mode when the users switch from landscape to the portrait mode.


Android N prospects to augment the battery life of the device when the device is not in use, thereby, increasing the productivity of the android devices.

To prosper we need to think differently and come up with new ideologies, that provide us a scope to create something unique and classy. Android N has definitely provided Android Developers a scope to develop outstanding applications. Silicon Valley, a prominent IT company has ace Android App Developers India, who can assist you with the queries related to Android N and further succour in developing Android Applications at a very nominal price. You can outsource development services to the firm and hire developers on an hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Silicon Valley promises to provide excellent services, hereby, aiming to render clients satisfying and par excellence ministrations.

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