Top Hidden Costs in Mobile Apps Development

Top Hidden Costs in Mobile Apps Development

Education Mobile apps are taking off in the business world. In fact, a recent survey found that most companies plan on building a mobile app this year, and believe that enterprise mobile app development will outpace desktop application development.

However, with every new field, there’s bound to be some surprises along the way. As more and more businesses jump into mobile app development for the first time, many make a crucial mistake: They go into the procedure with a restricted comprehension of the genuine expenses of developing up a mobile app. Truth be told, numerous erroneously trust that development cost begins and closures with the developer.

1. Cost to place your apps in the app store/ Play store/market

Though not a deal breaker amount, the app stores keep your apps in it with a fee. The amount is not that huge for businesses that have decided to make the mobile app move. The fee ranges around $99 per year for Apple and Amazon App stores, one-time payment of $49 and $99 for individual and company in Windows store and a one-time payment of $25 for Google Play store. However, native app developments may confront more charges.

2. Cost to reach multiple platforms

One of the biggest shocks unexperienced companies will face when building mobile apps: Mobile platforms require different programming languages. For instance, a single native mobile iOS app won’t work on Android and an Android app won’t work on iPhone App.

3. Web hosting, server and back end development costs

Mobile App development has mainly 2 different processes: Front-End and Back-end. The front end development is mostly what users see as the app, while the back-end is where a lot of hidden technologies make the front end work. Back end is a separately hosted Web Service or API that synchronizes information between the app and the databases. Your application will need to store its data somewhere. Web server/API hosting and your database can be hosted in a shared server/dedicated server or on cloud server based on your requirement. Cloud storage would be the ideal option as you can have the benefits of its full availability of web server/API.

4. Marketing Costs

Mobile app developers give a cost estimation based on the initial specs. However, specs change. Some business users want additional features. Others want the design altered. Each change drives up the cost. Many businesses go into a project with a budget in mind, and receive a shock when they see the final bill.

5. Sudden app additions

Feedback from review experts or users triggers fresh app additions or changes. This is a regular feature and, as a budding developer, you should expect such changes. Then there are third party APIs and newer Android or iOS version upgrades to be followed. All these add to the final mobile app development costs.

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