How to make text bigger on Android smartphones – silicon valley

If you here and there battle to peruse what’s on your screen, you’ll satisfied to realize that there are two exceptionally basic approaches to make the content on your cell phone greater. In the event that your eyes aren’t what they used to be or you’re continually losing your glasses, read on to discover how to expand your Android’s text dimension and never need to squint at your screen again.

Increment cell phone content size through the openness settings

Go into Settings, look down and select Accessibility, then search for the Large content flip switch. Set this to “on” to build the span of the textual style utilized as a part of your telephone’s interface and certain applications.


Increment cell phone content size through the presentation settings

Go into Settings, then tap Display, and after that Font size. You’ll be given a menu from which you can choose Small, Normal, Large or Huge. Select the one you need, and the interface and substance of specific applications will now be shown in content that size.

This is our favored strategy for making the content on our cell phones greater, essentially on the grounds that there are more size choices accessible. Colossal content in this menu is the same as the ‘vast content’ that can be exchanged on through the availability settings.


Increment cell phone content size utilizing the volume rocker (Samsung clients)

There’s additionally a reward technique for Samsung clients for expanding the text dimension of SMSs. While perusing an instant message, basically flip the volume rocker here and there to increment or diminish the text dimension. This component is helpful in the event that you need to rapidly demonstrate a message to a poor-located companion. You can turn it on or off in the settings menu of the messages application.