5 Biggest Mobile App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Biggest Mobile App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today, applications (apps) are a very important part of our daily micro-moments such as: I want to go, I want to know, I want to buy, etc. In fact, users spend an average of 30 hours every month in these moments.

Apps are an intense and effective way for businesses to fabricate solid and enduring associations with their clients and customers. In any case, a mobile application marketing strategy can supplement an company’s offline off experience, for example, in-store unique offers. Applications can be an immense hit or an enormous lemon. With regards to showcasing your mobile app, any misstep can prompt disillusioning results with over spending.

1. Developing App First, Then Making A Monetization Strategy

At present, there are more than 1.5 million applications on the App Store, and the expense of getting a client now surpasses $2 per introduce. In any case, a major test over the business is client procurement, making it is important to make however much benefit as could reasonably be expected from the applications introduces you do produce. You need to arrange your adaptation, otherwise called acceptance methodology, right on time keeping in mind the end goal. With the accompanying four models, you can adapt your application or you can utilize them to drive application revenue.

2. Taking for Granted That People Will Return to Your App Just Because

Returning users or customers require motivation to return — it’s essential for you to acknowledge this. Before spending on your portable application, you require a reasonable comprehension of what draws rehash employments of your application. Aside from contending with more than 1.5 million applications on the applications stores, you need to consider the estimation of your application to its client. Do you realize that 90 percent of the clients who download your application are gone inside six months? In this way, it is vital to consider looking after users.

3. Very Poor Understanding of Lifetime Value (LTV)

LTV stands for “Lifetime Value” defined as the total revenue generated by a user from an app’s download to its removal. It can be calculated in many ways like monetization, retention, etc. Furthermore, you can make sense of the amount you can stand to spend on getting new clients by ascertaining the amount of income you can anticipate from every client. Bear in mind, the average cost per app install is continually rising, which means developers need to get an even higher average LTV per user.

4. Ignoring Your App’s Users

This is a complete no-no. Remember, your app’s users are your customers, and your app does nothing without them. To make an app that will become popular, it is imperative to listen to your customers, and if they want any feature, it’s a good idea to add it to the app.

5. No or Lack of Research

This is the most common mistake made by many people. With more than 1.5 million apps in the App Store to compete against, you need to do in-depth research to ensure your app stands out from the crowd. For this, make your application either quicker, preferable or less expensive over others and you will probably succeed. On the off chance that a major and mainstream application is as of now doing likewise as yours, then download the application to decide how/if your application can be better.

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How to recover lost contacts on Android

How to recover lost contacts on Android

Your contacts are some of the most valuable things you have on your Android device. So if you’ve lost one or more don’t worry: we have some quick solutions to get this important data back. Here’s how to recover lost contacts on Android.

Make sure all your contacts are being displayed

It’s possible that your contacts are still in your Android device but they’re not showing up in your contact list. You can find them right away with just a few steps.

1. Open your Contacts list.

2. Tap on the menu (the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen).

3. Hit Settings and then tap Contacts.

4. Open Contacts to display.

5. You should see a list of the contacts your phone is set to display. Hit All contacts and all the contacts from your apps should now be displayed in your Contacts list.


Get your contacts through your Gmail account

Your Gmail account has a special feature that can restore your contacts; if you’ve synced your Android device with your Gmail account then you can utilize this feature. Your email contacts should have other contact information in the email contacts list and you can use this to quickly get your contacts back.

Get on your computer and jump into your Gmail inbox. On the top left-hand side of your screen you should see a dropdown menu called Mail (check the image below). Click on this and select Contacts.
There is a dropdown menu underneath your search bar called More. Click this and then select Restore contacts. You should have the screen below.

You can custom restore for up to 30 days on Gmail. Any contact added before then will be recovered. Beware though, if you added a contact after that time then it will be lost. Once you’re finished you just need to resync your Android device.

To sync again, go into the Settings on your Android device. Under accounts, tap Sync. You should see a Sync now button. Hit that and your contacts should return to your device.

Backup your data

To avoid this problem again you should back up all the valuable data on your Android device. We suggest you backup your data through Google. Just make sure you’ve connected your Google account to your phone first.

Jump into your phone’s Settings and tap on Backup and reset. From there you can adjust the settings for your data backup so you don’t lose anything again. You should see your account underneath the Backup account setting. If you don’t see a Google account just tap the button and follow the steps.  Reference link :

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Benefits of hiring an iPhone app development company

iphone app development india silicon valley

IPhone application development company that offers numerous benefits. Procuring an iPhone App Development company is not a simple and basic occupation. Nowadays individuals for the most part utilize iPhone contrasted with desktops or portlaptops. iPhone offers all the components gave by the laptop or desktop computer. An iPhone do most of the work as web browsing, e-commerce, games, GPS navigation and much more. It has been observed that sales of iPhone is increasing day by day and people mostly prefer to use it for business and personal purpose. It is an apparatus that is utilized as a correspondence reason as well as for business capacities, stimulation and route. iPhone has totally changed the way of life of people.

Many companies are offering iPhone application development. Along these lines, it is key for the individuals who have their online business and plan or build up your site from the firm that services are giving iPhone application development. Continuously employ the organization itself that is experienced and has a decent learning of mobile programming. There are a few organizations that claim, which are exceptionally all around experienced firm for the services of iPhone app developers. Great organizations are exceptionally specific and possessive about their administrations. These organizations have some standards to help them meet client desires. These organizations have their altered rate for every services they gave us. This will spare you time and cash. These companies give the best services the best results.

These companies are always do updated according to the market. They could provide services according to the latest techniques and technology. This will increase the rate of traffic on your website and thus increases your business. Companies that work according to the rules of application development will deliver a website well developed.

Your website would be compatible with the iPhone and anyone can find your website through iPhone from anywhere at any time. This will give numerous advantages since you realize that nowadays numerous individuals use iPhone to scan web, so if your site is good with iPhone, then you can without much of a stretch bring it. This will build your business, enhance notoriety and trust among their clients. service development for the iPhone is in an awesome request today. Because of the high utilization of iPhone, it is imperative that your site ought to be perfect with iPhone. Numerous iPhone App development companies are putting forth these services. They have information and involvement in Objective C solid, the iPhone SDK, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML and Ajax that are fundamental for the development of good and hearty applications for iPhone web. These companies build up their applications for iPhone all the more successfully and effectively. All these advantages you can get from organization with experience.

Android apps that can make developers smarter

Mobile-Application- development silicon valley

Android is as of now driving the universe of cell phones. It is making things less demanding for shoppers as well as opening new roads for developers and devotees. Applications are the heart of this present Google’s open source stage. These are giving a simplicity to the masses. Also, for some developers, these are the main wellspring of bread and margarine. Here — as opposed to explaining what applications can do — we are posting main five must-have Android app developers can introduce to make themselves more intelligent.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app. As its name suggests, Keep allows you to keep all your important notes right on your device. This means that this app can be your companion in noting down some codes on the go. You can likewise include photographs or get some screenshots or even record voice takes note of that can be deciphered at a later stage. Notwithstanding essentially holding your notes, the application gives you an approach to arrange data with some vivid names and even add suggestions to your agendas.

Google Keep

One of the main advantages of Google Keep is its cross-platform availability and real-time synchronisation. You don’t need to worry about your precious notes even when you switch from an iOS device to an Android one.

Google Drive

After Google Keep, the next app that we are mentioning here is again a Google product. It’s Google Drive. This app gives you access to a cloud storage where you can save any of your personal files in addition to notes and photos. The documents that are spared in Drive utilizing an Android gadget can without much of a stretch be gotten to straightforwardly through different gadgets. Also, there is Google look backing to let you rapidly locate your destitute thing from a broad gathering.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a must-have app if you’re a developer. It is quite helpful for storing your files as well as lets you involve your developer friends to complete your projects at a faster pace.

Intel App Preview

Apart from Google, Intel is also in the race to make things easier and smarter for Android users. There is a free-to-download Intel App Preview that allows you to preview your Intel XDK-based apps directly on your Android device. The application itself depends on Apache Cordova 3.5 and comes packaged with devices, for example, Cordova Plugin APIs, Intel XDK Plugin APIs and Intel App Security Plugin APIs.

Intel App Preview

You can use Intel App Preview if you’re already involved in some developments related to XDK that the chip maker launched to enable hybrid mobile app development. It additionally offers features like remote debugging and a live layout editing interface to ease your progress.

Developer Options

It is often quite hard to find developer settings on Android devices. But thankfully, there is an app called Developer Options that provides you a simple solution. This single app lets you reach each and every developer settings on your device. You can enable or disable options like ‘stay awake’ and ‘allow mock locations’ as well as ‘add pointer location’ and ‘CPU usage’ to enhance your development.


The last app that can make any Android App developers smarter is SHAREit. It provides you a file transfer product that you can use to move your important APKs or some other stuff at a faster speed than a traditional Bluetooth exchange.


In addition to faster transfer, the Lenovo-owned app has cross-platform sharing support to let you share your content with devices other than Android ones. You can also send or receive packages between mobile devices and PCs.

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IPhone Application Development – Earn Money Through iPhone App Store

iphone-app-developers india - silicon valley

The Internet Revolution! I’m sure you read and heard a lot about it and so I won’t list the myriad ways in which it has changed everything. Professionals capable of working independently and creatively have benefited the most from the ubiquity of the internet.

There are so many ways I which you can showcase your talent to the world (or hawk your wares): you can write a novella, self-publish it over Amazon, and if people like it, you will mint money; you can post a funny video over YouTube (or start you own ‘Channel’), and using nothing more than your skills and ingenuity, find fame and fortune; or you can use your iPhone application development skills, sell your app(s) in the Apple App Store, and buy that yacht you’d always wanted!

Over 2 billion apps are downloaded from the iPhone App Store every year, and as the sales of iPhones continues to rise and more people start using iPhone, the demand for iPhone apps will increase. iPhone apps are constantly making the news and they are one of the prime reasons for the success of iPhones. Specialists predicts that 3G cell phones which offer every one of the offices of web will supplant PCs and portable PCs, and applications are the things that make it less demanding for the clients to utilize their cell phones in lieu of PCs: the business sector for applications is tremendous, and it will just become further after some time.

Do you have creativity, talent and innovative ideas? There are school students out there who are making serious money developing iPhone apps and selling them using the iPhone app store. Do you think you have the application thought of the decade? You don’t as a matter of course need to have a logical and specialized personality to pick up accomplishment at iPhone App Development: all you need is a thought and the capacity to change it into reality.

The best thing is that there are a number of free tutorials and SDKs available on the Internet; you can use download them for free and learn how to develop apps for iPhone apps. You might need t invest some time to study how to develop the best apps, and then how to market them over the net, but thereafter your creative ideas will take you far.

Even if you are not good at logic and math and programming is just not for you, you can still take help from professionals and pay iPhone App Developers India to develop an app based on your idea. In the event that your thought is decent, you could persuade them to work for eminence from the offers of the application. Also, if your thought is okay and you are certain that the application in view of your thought is going to offer like hot cakes, its best to pay the designer forthright and have complete control over all the benefits on your iPhone application!

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Iphone Mobile Application Development Secrets Revealed


The Mobile application Developers biz is fairly similar to surfing. You wax your board, examine the shoreline and the tidal conditions. Arrive sooner than required, twofold check each one of your courses of action, and paddle out into the ocean to the needed district. By then, JUST hold up! Sit tight for the right wave, not the accompanying wave, but instead the RIGHT wave! By then you see it, the wave, climbing behind you, and passing on all in its way towards shore, whether you’re arranged or not! iphone App Development Company In USA.

Being set up for the accompanying wave in advancement is an incredible arrangement like surfing. Whether you’re arranged or not, that wave is hammering over your business, clearing all Businesses before it. You can either ride on the top of the surge of versatile Technology getting a handle on a totally better way to deal with interface with customers, or get overpowered by the wave, go submerged, come up choking and spitting, end up with your face in the sand, looking for your board!

As a Mobile App Developer, sitting in this huge online ocean, sitting tight for that next surge of customers to paddle out and ride this next magnificent WAVE in this Technological Innovation that we are surviving. It will be MOBILE! We have had the Internet, DOT COM, PC, Laptops, and Social, to give a few cases. Next will be the wireless! Apple is putting forth 378000 phones for every day! More mobile phone customers consistently than people considered on the planet! That is just 1 association! Mobile phones are the new thing. Setting down profound roots. All things considered, how might this impact your business? iphone App Development Company In USA.

What number of your customers starting now have a mobile phone? What inspiration would you have the capacity to offer to motivate them to download your mobile phone application? When they download it, in what capacity may you have the capacity to update your relationship with them? What may that plan to your essential concern? You will constantly require a gathering of specialists with a particular final objective to have your compact application made professionally. Applications that are psyche boggling in nature must be made by master bunches. Making a flexible application is a full wander and ought to be overseen like an endeavor. In the first place you ought to do honest to goodness wander organization then you have to go for arranging, designing, programming, testing, et cetera. iphone App Development Company In USA.

The conceivable outcomes are huge:

iphone App Development Company In USA You have a restaurant, it’s Monday night at 7:30pm, and basically SLOW! Accordingly, you pull out a PC or mobile phone, sign on to a site and start composing. Buy 1 get 1 free Entries for the next hour! Then again Next 20 new customers in the bar with this message get a free drink! The messages hits every PDA with the application downloaded, much the same as a text. It can change a moderate night into an ordinary night, a typical night into an astounding night, or your BEST night ever!! It’s yours to work with, the possible results are limitless.

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How to recover deleted photos for Android Phones

How to recover deleted photos for Android Phones

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FonePaw Android Data Recovery is able to recover deleted photos from your Android device in the blink of an eye. With simple operation of the user-friendly interface, you can recover your lost or deleted photos effortlessly and effectively.

This high-quality photo recovery program works across multiple platforms and devices, including Android App phones and tablets from manufacturers like Sony, Google, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, LG and many more. Restore all of your valuable pictures right now by downloading the FonePaw Android Data Recovery system.

How to recover lost photos on Android

First of all: turn off Wi-Fi and data connections on your phone. The reason to do this is that when data is deleted, whether photos, music or documents, it is not actually deleted until something has been written over it in the device’s memory.

All that is initially deleted is the index that points to where the data starts in your memory, so as long as you can find that point again, you can get your deleted pictures back. If that new data gets written over the top of where your lost pictures are, they will be lost forever. A poorly-timed update can be disastrous.

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Note: this process requires root privileges on your phone.

1. Download a free program called Dr.Fone for Android by Wonder share (available for Mac or PC) on to your computer. There are other programs available, but we’ve always had good results with Dr.Fone.

2. Install the program, launch it and register. You’ll see the screen below.

How to recover lost photos on Android

3. Connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable.

You need to have USB debugging enabled on your smartphone for this process to work. If you don’t, simply go to your Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number repeatedly until the notification appears, telling you that Developer Options have been enabled.

Back in your main Settings screen, you’ll see Developer Options down near the bottom. Scroll through the settings until you see USB Debugging and check the box beside it. You’ll see a notification at the bottom of the Dr.Fone screen saying that USB Debugging is being opened.

android usb connect

4. Once Dr.Fone for Android has made the connection to your smartphone, you’ll be able to select from the following categories of deleted files. We’re only after photos, but if you’ve lost more than that you can tick as many categories as you like.

Most recovery programs can save

5. The next step asks you to scan for deleted files or all files. If you’re after a quick recovery of your lost pictures to set your mind at rest, take the ‘Deleted files’ option. You’ll need to accept the RSA key prompt on your smartphone (check ‘Always accept’ to make it easier), making the connection between the two devices secure and, of course, grant Superuser permission when prompted.

6. One this is done, Dr.Fone will analyze your phone and reboot it. If you receive a message on your PC to say your phone has connected again, ignore it; just let Dr.Fone do its thing. Any prompts on your phone that request permissions for Dr.Fone should be granted.

Let the program scan your device for current and deleted files.

7. Once Dr.Fone has finished analyzing your phone you’ll get the scan results screen where you can check the boxes for the photos (or other files, as you can see below, depending which file types you selected earlier) that you want to save, then hit Recover and you’re golden.

Simply choose the files you want to save and hit recover.

8. If you’ve made it this far you’ve hopefully learned a valuable lesson and will make regular copies of your smartphone photos from now on. Don’t worry, we have plenty of tutorials on the site for that too.

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Top Hidden Costs in Mobile Apps Development

Top Hidden Costs in Mobile Apps Development

Education Mobile apps are taking off in the business world. In fact, a recent survey found that most companies plan on building a mobile app this year, and believe that enterprise mobile app development will outpace desktop application development.

However, with every new field, there’s bound to be some surprises along the way. As more and more businesses jump into mobile app development for the first time, many make a crucial mistake: They go into the procedure with a restricted comprehension of the genuine expenses of developing up a mobile app. Truth be told, numerous erroneously trust that development cost begins and closures with the developer.

1. Cost to place your apps in the app store/ Play store/market

Though not a deal breaker amount, the app stores keep your apps in it with a fee. The amount is not that huge for businesses that have decided to make the mobile app move. The fee ranges around $99 per year for Apple and Amazon App stores, one-time payment of $49 and $99 for individual and company in Windows store and a one-time payment of $25 for Google Play store. However, native app developments may confront more charges.

2. Cost to reach multiple platforms

One of the biggest shocks unexperienced companies will face when building mobile apps: Mobile platforms require different programming languages. For instance, a single native mobile iOS app won’t work on Android and an Android app won’t work on iPhone App.

3. Web hosting, server and back end development costs

Mobile App development has mainly 2 different processes: Front-End and Back-end. The front end development is mostly what users see as the app, while the back-end is where a lot of hidden technologies make the front end work. Back end is a separately hosted Web Service or API that synchronizes information between the app and the databases. Your application will need to store its data somewhere. Web server/API hosting and your database can be hosted in a shared server/dedicated server or on cloud server based on your requirement. Cloud storage would be the ideal option as you can have the benefits of its full availability of web server/API.

4. Marketing Costs

Mobile app developers give a cost estimation based on the initial specs. However, specs change. Some business users want additional features. Others want the design altered. Each change drives up the cost. Many businesses go into a project with a budget in mind, and receive a shock when they see the final bill.

5. Sudden app additions

Feedback from review experts or users triggers fresh app additions or changes. This is a regular feature and, as a budding developer, you should expect such changes. Then there are third party APIs and newer Android or iOS version upgrades to be followed. All these add to the final mobile app development costs.

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Improve Your App experience With Best iPhone App Development Company In India

iphone app developers india - silicon info

Now-a-days apps or applications are the undetectable part of our technical life. Silicon Valley is one of the main programming development companies in India who cases to be the best company in iPhone application development. Here, we are going to discuss what make Silicon Valley a leading IT company in India.

App Development Company In India The prime objective of Silicon Valley, a leading iPhone app development company in India is to provide quality applications for iPhones, which can give an ultimate usage of a high-end phone for an Apple user. iPhone is the image of status and the most advanced innovation on the planet. So the advancement of the application for this gadget should be of top of the line. They are always cautious to provide the better experience than before while providing any to any of our clients.

iPhone App Developers India | Android App Developers India

IPhone Apps Development the Black Door to New Opportunities

iphone app developers india

In this cutting edge world smartphone has turned into an essential to our presence. “Design is not exactly what it would seem that and feels like. Design is how it works”, these are the famous quotes from Steve Job; for Iphone users, it is a way they characterize their life style.

Today the market for smartphones has no dearth for choices, however iPhone is one most loved among them. Around 6 million iPhone handsets sales has been documented till now and the number is increasing every minute. In this manner, iPhone offers you a gigantic chance to create and advertise your application to the a huge number of clients around the world. Today any product advancement would not be finished without an iPhone App Developers India.  Clients have decision of more than 200 applications for download. They range from fun, business, lifestyle, gaming, utility to name a few.

Current iOS9 version is being used, it offers innumerable changes, which are focused to help the engineers turn out to be more imaginative &proactive. Apple adds horde of new components to each iOS redesigns, particularly remembering the designers. Each iOS upgrade, bring higher stability driven by strong performance, offering the developers many useful tools.

IPhone SDK is available for download, it provides all necessary tools and with its guidance one can develop their application according the predefined guidelines. Apple keeps the App Store Review Guidelines and the Human Interface Guidelines. In this way, it is crucial for an iPhone application designer to have an exhaustive comprehension and learning of the terms and conditions that Apple has intended for submitting and supporting a versatile application in the Apple Store.The object situated application system “Cocoa” is claimed by Apple and the greater part of the iPhone Application Development procedure is done on same. Along with this iPhone app developers and designers should also be proficient in HTML5 to gain success in the field of iPhone application development.