10 Great Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Marketing With Social Media

Mobile App Marketing With Social Media

Long days and evenings are behind you and your development group for making an app that you trust will be a raving success on the Apple App and Google Play store. Your app is good to go to dispatch and need to make a colossal request and drive increasingly individuals to download it. Be that as it may, it is difficult to make your app emerge from more than 1.5 million others accessible for clients to pick and download from. You can utilize paid promoting to drive more request, yet it requires huge budgetary assets.

Presently, you are supposing What are the other cost-effective savvy approaches to showcase your application effectively? There are a considerable measure of ways, yet online networking is the most ideal approach to make apps more effective and to drive up more request. For this, you have to remember the accompanying focuses.

1. Plan Ahead

The most vital part of your app marketing with social media is Planning. Ask yourself some important questions to start building out your plan, including:

  • What Content Do I Want My Potential Audience To See And Read?
  • Which Social Network Channel (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) Will Be Appropriate For This Content?

Answer such inquiries because of your group of onlookers inclinations and profile. Knew, that “Who target gathering of people”, “What social destinations they get a kick out of the chance to hang out in” will help you settle on the best choices with your online networking advertising.

2. Create Value Based And User Generated Content

In the first place, you have to deliver extraordinary, enlightening and astounding substance in arranging and making your Social Media crusade to convey perceivability to your application. Develop content that is fascinating with a specific end goal to keep your intended interest group locked in. For instance, on the off chance that you are promoting your cooking app, then compose posts on tips from the best culinary experts, a portion of the best formulas out of India, and so forth.

Aside from this, making cool recordings that depict your application can advance your application incredibly. Make recordings entertaining, idiosyncratic and advance it by means of the most prevalent social channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter and in addition in You Tube.

3. Humanize Your Content With Social Media

Clients of social channels will react all the more positively to upgrades that are human in tone rather than custom-made promoting approach. Remember this is truly most basic variable that means all masses is the energy of the developer for the application. Likewise, request criticism as it will permit your future loops and apps to procure the focal points and enhance your current victories. Likewise, take part in Conversation with clients, recognize botches, surprise users with new features, etc.

4. Reward Users For Downloading Your App

On the off chance that you truly need your app to take off, then compensate clients. You can utilize a variety of strategies for persuading clients to allude the app to their companions, relatives or associates. This is not just an incredible approach to build your app downloads, yet your application referral plan can help you to screen your client experience and track how more downloads is being created.

5. Google+

There are plenty of advantages using Google plus for marketing your app, and one of those is the built-in power that will move up your app in organic search results. Using hashtags on Google+ is like using them on Instagram and Twitter that is # and then type in your one word hashtag. But, what sets Google+ hashtag creation apart from another? The ability to auto-create hashtags. Additionally, use Hashtags to optimize your SEO power, but don’t overdo it as Google doesn’t take account over-stuffing keywords in hashtags and in content.

6. Twitter

Millions of users across the world access Twitter every day, and about 85% of them do so from their mobile device. Also, Mobile app marketing enables you to target these users to drive app installs as well as engagements at scale. In addition, Twitter lets you to reach influencers by remarking them in your tweets. A new feature that was released last year enables you to use content marketing and “Twitter Cards” to increase the visibility of your app, as a result increasing downloads.

7. Facebook

With a huge number of clients, Facebook is the best online networking channel today to advance your app. It is encouraged to set up a Facebook page for your app as it will give you a nearness in the online networking world, which is an incredible approach to pick up believability, make a buzz or pick up criticism about your app. Guarantee you have heaps of point of interest inside the page about your app, likewise utilize screen-shots alongside an invitation to take action inside the header picture will clearly make your business app unmistakable. Additionally, join bunches and advance your app in them and make your own Facebook gathering and welcome individuals to join there.

8. Encourage Users To Share Your App Content

In order that users can share your content on Twitter, Facebook, you need to encourage them by creating good informative content. Highlight key features of your in the content with how it can help you. Also, chat with people and tell them why you have developed this app and its benefits.

9. Instagram

In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to get your app seen and downloaded by more individuals, then Instagram is your enchantment spell. There are more than 80 million dynamic clients on Instagram. Along these lines, having a nearness in regards to your app there is something you should investigate and in addition see what you can do to take after the accomplishment with your business app. Likewise, discuss the general population who will download and utilize your app, in addition to show recordings and pictures.

10. Images Are Worth A Thousand Words

A photo/picture tells a lot of distinct content. Utilizing photographs is a truly an awesome approach to make a post with respect to your App emerge from the group. Post general “Download the App” like messages with screenshots of the App of early clients utilizing it. Aside from pictures, another extraordinary that functions admirably is to do a commencement to your App’s discharge in the App stores. They post another message around an element of the App or a tip for utilizing it consistently and additionally add a significant App picture to run with that post.


Go! Cross Platform for developing Mobile Application

Go! Cross Platform for developing Mobile Application

Are you the organization that aims to develop Mobile Applications that work on multiple platforms? Then Go! Cross-platform for developing applications and strike a chord with the audience fractioned between variant OS, viz., iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

We are often confused between opting for a native app or a Cross-platform Mobile App, but if you wish to cover a large group of audience then cross-platform is the best. No doubt it has its set of pros and cons, but its advantages subjugate its disadvantages. This blog is dedicated to the Cross-platform programs – as an asset.

Developing cross-platform programs would mean programs running effectively on all the existing platforms. Let us jot down some of its perquisites:

  • It is easy to develop a cross-platform app that is usually build employing CSS3 and HTML5 as most of the framework are acquainted with CSS3 and HTML5 and therefore it is easy for the developers to develop apps.
  • Developing Apps is expeditious as the programmer has to code just once and the source code can be rehashed to customize applications that can work on multiple platforms and therefore, saves a lot of time rather than developing apps using native code for each platform separately from the scratch.
  • Cross-platforms furnish hallmark quality plugins that help the developers to ameliorate the functioning, appearance, and adaptability of the application.
  • Cross-platform is easy on the pocket as the developers do not have to exert themselves and code multiple times from the scratch, just one code and they have the application ready for various programs.
  • The major the attribute of a cross-platform is that it can reach a number of people at a stroke.

Silicon Valley, a prodigious IT firm has savvy Cross-platform developers who can help you develop applications that have a wider scope. Besides cross-platform, you can also Hire iPhone App Developer or Android App Programmer who can help you develop impeccable native applications.

Differences between Mobile App and Mobile Website Development

Differences between Mobile App and Mobile Website

Loads of people get befuddled while discussing Mobile website and Mobile App. They considered as the same or practically the same to both. Nonetheless, as a general rule it is nothing more except for only a legitimate oversight. Before you can tally the advantages of a portable website versus an app it’s poor to comprehend the key contrasts between them. Both apps and mobile websites deal with handheld gadgets, for example, cell phones and tablets.

Furthermore, Google gives the Android Application Development Services module for the standard Eclipse IDE to bolster things like graphical design definition and troubleshooting.

Give us a chance to attempt to comprehend it in point of interest. A mobile website resemble same as some other website in that it involves program based web pages that are connected together and got to over the Internet (for mobile web systems). The undeniable quality that separates a mobile web from a standard web is the point that it is intended for the littler handheld gadget and touch-screen interface.

Like any website, mobile website can show information, pictures, content substance, and video. They additionally empower portable particular components, for example, snap to-call (to dial a telephone number) or area based mapping.

A mobile website is practically the same as a desktop one to the extent capacities and substances are venture, and them two imported to fit in a littler screen. mobile website are advanced through a program, then again, a mobile app can be brought from site and introduced to chip away at your PDA or tablet from any app store like Google Play, Blackberry App World, iTunes or Windows Market Place.

Android App Development Company is much speedier than other And Also they Provide simple and basic Apps for their clients Also Mobile App which can download content in your mobile device, in this way, web association is not expected to run it a while later, or it can stack content from the web same as to a mobile site.

A mobile website is the essential choice while considering to a web nearness. The mobile app is a degree of this presence. An intuitive diversion for instance, the mobile app is the genuine arrangement you would have firstly in your psyche.

Which one is Better – A Mobile Website or an App?

With regards to choosing whether to make a local application or a mobile website, the most right decision truly relies on upon your deciding objectives. In the event that you are rising an intelligent game an app is almost certainly would be your best choice Yet, in the event that your point is to offer portable cordial substance to the considerable conceivable open then a mobile site is most likely the approach. At times you may pick what you require, both a mobile web and a mobile app, however it’s ideal to say that it barely bodes well to make an application without having a mobile website.

For the most part saying, Android Application Development by both ways and we can say like a mobile website is your initial phase in making a mobile web nearness, while an application is required for planning an application for a precise reason that can’t be effectively proficient by means of a web browser.

Mobile application development for Small Businesses and Enterprise

Mobile application development for Small Businesses

This article gives an outline on the advanced web app and business procedure that is mobile application development and its advantages points to you as a business and its objectives.

Mobile phones have gotten to be as imperative as like our PCs. Mobile devices have turned into a gigantic wellspring of correspondence, stimulation, data, even employment. Web applications are now created in the direction of mobile apps development for a guessed long term success.

Mobile Application Development – What is it?

A mobile apps is a product application designed to work on mobile phones, for example, smartphone, tablet computers, and others. Henceforth, android app development is the procedure by which application programming is developed for mobile phones and other low-control handheld gadgets. At present, developing software for mobile devices such as smart phones, personal digital assistants, and tablets.

iPhone applications development is viewed as a more modern, more convenient web development technique. Accordingly, present day web application development strategies incline towards a thought called “mobile first”. Businesses these days decide on an app that can react to mobile devices first before continuing to a honest to goodness web application because developing for smaller, lower powered gadgets concentrates on and strengthens the center of your business goals.

Many web development Company latch onto the mobile-first design because it enables a web design or an apps to work in more stages. A twin idea to the mobile first designs really responsive web design. Responsive design is creating websites or website applications that smoothly change and react to fit any screen size of any gadget.

Mobile application developers spend significant time in making applications for mobile phones. Beginning as an Android App Developers is particularly simple on the off chance that you are engaged and comprehend what you need to do. Apps developers will see an expansion sought after as an aftereffect of innovation and web applications advancing to the course of shifting stages and screen sizes.

Advantages of Mobile Applications

Addressing a mobile-first design permits the designer to comprehend the hardest choices right from the begin. This is on account of producing for mobile phones where there is a constrained space empowers the developer or mobile application developer to focus on fundamental apps includes that reacts to the requirements and goals of the business or person.

The digital insurgency will witness the creation of significantly more gadgets inside the decade. In a couple of years, gadget options may even include smart watches, smart glasses, etc. Such advance will make responsive which will make responsive and versatile outline a flat out need, as will mobile application developers.

How Mobile Application Works

Mobile first design is past a current web application development strategy. It additionally is a business system. Mobile application is accessible to more stages or gadgets, for example, smart phones, tablet computers, and PDAs, which guarantees a boundless access to incalculable clients. With versatility as another element, mobile applications additionally empower a persistent association with users and customers.

Web development is exceptionally progressive. This was most clear in the most recent five years. Five years back, we were just creating website applications for use on a PC. Nowadays, web applications are being developed for multiple gadgets. At the same time, many opportunities are now open to iPhone App Developers. Web development ought to be all the more energizing inside the following five years when all is said in done, much like never before with significant patterns turning up. Android applications development is perfect on the off chance that you need your business to stay at the forefront.

How to hide albums in your Android gallery app

How to hide albums in your Android gallery app

Best solution: Gallery Lock

You can utilize apps to shroud your photographs and recordings and put them under watchword security. Our favored answer for this is Gallery Lock. Fundamentally, you move your photograph collections from your exhibition to this app. Completing this is simple simply download the free app beneath and take after our fast guide.

Best solution: Gallery Lock

Start by opening the Gallery Lock app. The first occasion when you do this you will be incited to enter a PIN. It defaults to 7777, yet you can transform this later on the off chance that you wish. After you’ve perused the guidelines (or not) you ought to see a gathering of default collections.

At the base of the screen, tap Add Folder and give it a name. Hit OK and head down to the base of the screen. You ought to see the new envelope with a default picture. Tap on it. Presently at the base of the screen hit Add photograph/video. Presently tap the photos and recordings you need in this concealed envelope and hit the green in addition to sign in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Watch the video beneath to see precisely how.

Presently your photos and recordings are covered up. Head into your exhibition to ensure you didn’t miss any. When you take new pictures or recordings you can add them to your Gallery Lock app envelopes utilizing the same strategy. When you need to recover them simply retreat into the organizer.

Alternate solution: Astro File Manager

In the event that you want to utilize a document chief as opposed to an exhibition lock app then you simply need to take after these simple strides. To start with, download Astro File Manager underneath.

Alternate solution: Astro File Manager

Once you’re in the app go to Primary then tap Pictures. Presently tap and hold the envelope you need to cover up. When it’s highlighted, hit the menu catch (three specks at the upper right of your screen). From here go to Rename. Presently, rename the envelope .nomedia and make sure to incorporate the period before the content. Hit Rename and you’re good to go. Watch the video beneath to see a case of how this is finished.

On the off chance that you need to see those concealed organizers in Astro again you have to go to the menu and hit View Settings. From here, hit the Advanced tab. You simply need to check the container after Show shrouded documents and do a reversal into the app and you ought to see your organizer. In the event that you need to unhide it, simply rename it however do exclude a period at the front.

Android App Developers India

All type jack of Android Mobile apps

All type jack of android mobile apps

Android applications are very popular. Do you know any reason for it? Huge number of Android  application Development are free and very useful for users. Yes, it becomes hard for the users (potential app-users) to go through apps and find the most useful and reliable apps. There are, obviously, innumerable categories, genres, and class of applications to different age groups, interests, utilities and tools.

You know that mobile apps are handy; it surely saves your time to working out your crucial tasks. Every mobile application development companies are thriving to make dynamic, user-friendly, bug-free and robust apps, so there is an immense competition. Users are benefiting from it, for sure. Be ready since you won’t see wildy popular Whatsapp, Facebook, MXPlayer, Flipboard, etc. in the list as everybody use it and know about it. The below list is totally unique, exclusive and exceptional to have in your smartphone.

1. Dashlane

Tired of manually typing passwords or frustrated when you forget any passwords? Who wouldn’t? You handle so many social media passwords and in addition, the payment gateways adds salt into an injury.Try not to stress. Enter Dashlane, the application which spares every one of them so you can helpfully duplicate and glue these into online structures at whatever point vital.

It uses encrypted codes (for security) and that is why, it is able to safely save the financial details and instantaneously copy them where you want to.

2. Camera MX

Camera MX, a fun, feature-filled app, might just push you over the edge. There’s the standard HDR modes, textures, kaleidoscope and mirror shots.

The genuine champion element ‘Shoot The Past’ mode permits you to catch the activity before you hit the “Press” catch. So Awesome, would it say it isn’t?

3. RoughAnimator

Do you like movement motion pictures, make energized pictures and related? This application is simply made for you. RoughAnimator gives you a chance to draw various pictures, and after that play them back together as short movements. The audio for lip-syncing, and rotoscoping on imported videos adds more feathers to its cap. Well, that is something every mobile app development company strives to create.


Most advanced apps of its kind, MORECAST is has one of the best-looking interfaces, with a clear and sensible layout with options of side-by-side weather comparisons for two cities. It gives an accurate weather information for a particular route or journey.

5. WifiMapper

The invaluable tool of connectivity. WifiMapper provides detailed information on where wifi is available nearby., if they are free, paid and what their connection quality is like.

6. The 7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout focuses on your routines, weight loss, adds extra pound, improve cardiovascular function and energy levels.

Thanks to the briefness of its workouts. All you have to do is to look over the exercises, hit the start button and away you go.

7. Magisto Video Editor & Mixer

The ideal app to test out your Android camera’s prowess, Magisto automatically turns your photos and video clips into music videos. You simply take and choose the personal content you want to use as raw material, input a title, choose a theme and accompanying audio track.   Reference link :

The End of OS War- iOS vs Android

The End of OS War- iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android has been a huge debate in the Mobile Industry. Though these two arch operating systems are best in their own way, there was a lot of hullabaloo created and irked by this constant comparison, a well-known mobile developer– Nick Lee came up with a 3D-printed case that helps the users to run the Android on the iOS handheld devices.

Nick Lee created a unique version of Android Marshmallow and made an iPhone sized case that has a battery, converter, resistor and a connector that helps Android Marshmallow to effectively connect and communicate with the iPhone App. Lee has created a room for HDMI, USB, and SD card slot and has well demonstrated the working of the case.

This development is sure to end the war between iOS and Android. Although the cross-platform is a great tool to migrate from one OS to the other, but this 3D printed case can help us use two OS simultaneously, without worrying about which OS to select. With these establishments, we can expect more surprises that might completely end the OS war.

When possessing, we as users are often confused between iOS and Android, but this 3D-printed case can be proved to be a boon for the Mobile Industry and for the users as well. We can expect a full stop to this largish controversy of iOS vs Android and can embrace the benefits of both the Operating Systems in just one handheld device.

Silicon Valley, a notorious firm has agile iPhone App Developers India and Android App Developers India who can assist you with this latest development. The team has the expertise and has worked on umpteen iPhone App Development, and Android App Development projects, where they have proved their worth and further they keep on updating themselves with the recent developments in the Mobile Industry. The team together practically works on the development so that they train themselves so well that they can provide their clients bang-up services.

5 Biggest Mobile App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Biggest Mobile App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today, applications (apps) are a very important part of our daily micro-moments such as: I want to go, I want to know, I want to buy, etc. In fact, users spend an average of 30 hours every month in these moments.

Apps are an intense and effective way for businesses to fabricate solid and enduring associations with their clients and customers. In any case, a mobile application marketing strategy can supplement an company’s offline off experience, for example, in-store unique offers. Applications can be an immense hit or an enormous lemon. With regards to showcasing your mobile app, any misstep can prompt disillusioning results with over spending.

1. Developing App First, Then Making A Monetization Strategy

At present, there are more than 1.5 million applications on the App Store, and the expense of getting a client now surpasses $2 per introduce. In any case, a major test over the business is client procurement, making it is important to make however much benefit as could reasonably be expected from the applications introduces you do produce. You need to arrange your adaptation, otherwise called acceptance methodology, right on time keeping in mind the end goal. With the accompanying four models, you can adapt your application or you can utilize them to drive application revenue.

2. Taking for Granted That People Will Return to Your App Just Because

Returning users or customers require motivation to return — it’s essential for you to acknowledge this. Before spending on your portable application, you require a reasonable comprehension of what draws rehash employments of your application. Aside from contending with more than 1.5 million applications on the applications stores, you need to consider the estimation of your application to its client. Do you realize that 90 percent of the clients who download your application are gone inside six months? In this way, it is vital to consider looking after users.

3. Very Poor Understanding of Lifetime Value (LTV)

LTV stands for “Lifetime Value” defined as the total revenue generated by a user from an app’s download to its removal. It can be calculated in many ways like monetization, retention, etc. Furthermore, you can make sense of the amount you can stand to spend on getting new clients by ascertaining the amount of income you can anticipate from every client. Bear in mind, the average cost per app install is continually rising, which means developers need to get an even higher average LTV per user.

4. Ignoring Your App’s Users

This is a complete no-no. Remember, your app’s users are your customers, and your app does nothing without them. To make an app that will become popular, it is imperative to listen to your customers, and if they want any feature, it’s a good idea to add it to the app.

5. No or Lack of Research

This is the most common mistake made by many people. With more than 1.5 million apps in the App Store to compete against, you need to do in-depth research to ensure your app stands out from the crowd. For this, make your application either quicker, preferable or less expensive over others and you will probably succeed. On the off chance that a major and mainstream application is as of now doing likewise as yours, then download the application to decide how/if your application can be better.

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How to recover lost contacts on Android

How to recover lost contacts on Android

Your contacts are some of the most valuable things you have on your Android device. So if you’ve lost one or more don’t worry: we have some quick solutions to get this important data back. Here’s how to recover lost contacts on Android.

Make sure all your contacts are being displayed

It’s possible that your contacts are still in your Android device but they’re not showing up in your contact list. You can find them right away with just a few steps.

1. Open your Contacts list.

2. Tap on the menu (the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen).

3. Hit Settings and then tap Contacts.

4. Open Contacts to display.

5. You should see a list of the contacts your phone is set to display. Hit All contacts and all the contacts from your apps should now be displayed in your Contacts list.


Get your contacts through your Gmail account

Your Gmail account has a special feature that can restore your contacts; if you’ve synced your Android device with your Gmail account then you can utilize this feature. Your email contacts should have other contact information in the email contacts list and you can use this to quickly get your contacts back.

Get on your computer and jump into your Gmail inbox. On the top left-hand side of your screen you should see a dropdown menu called Mail (check the image below). Click on this and select Contacts.
There is a dropdown menu underneath your search bar called More. Click this and then select Restore contacts. You should have the screen below.

You can custom restore for up to 30 days on Gmail. Any contact added before then will be recovered. Beware though, if you added a contact after that time then it will be lost. Once you’re finished you just need to resync your Android device.

To sync again, go into the Settings on your Android device. Under accounts, tap Sync. You should see a Sync now button. Hit that and your contacts should return to your device.

Backup your data

To avoid this problem again you should back up all the valuable data on your Android device. We suggest you backup your data through Google. Just make sure you’ve connected your Google account to your phone first.

Jump into your phone’s Settings and tap on Backup and reset. From there you can adjust the settings for your data backup so you don’t lose anything again. You should see your account underneath the Backup account setting. If you don’t see a Google account just tap the button and follow the steps.  Reference link :

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Android apps that can make developers smarter

Mobile-Application- development silicon valley

Android is as of now driving the universe of cell phones. It is making things less demanding for shoppers as well as opening new roads for developers and devotees. Applications are the heart of this present Google’s open source stage. These are giving a simplicity to the masses. Also, for some developers, these are the main wellspring of bread and margarine. Here — as opposed to explaining what applications can do — we are posting main five must-have Android app developers can introduce to make themselves more intelligent.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app. As its name suggests, Keep allows you to keep all your important notes right on your device. This means that this app can be your companion in noting down some codes on the go. You can likewise include photographs or get some screenshots or even record voice takes note of that can be deciphered at a later stage. Notwithstanding essentially holding your notes, the application gives you an approach to arrange data with some vivid names and even add suggestions to your agendas.

Google Keep

One of the main advantages of Google Keep is its cross-platform availability and real-time synchronisation. You don’t need to worry about your precious notes even when you switch from an iOS device to an Android one.

Google Drive

After Google Keep, the next app that we are mentioning here is again a Google product. It’s Google Drive. This app gives you access to a cloud storage where you can save any of your personal files in addition to notes and photos. The documents that are spared in Drive utilizing an Android gadget can without much of a stretch be gotten to straightforwardly through different gadgets. Also, there is Google look backing to let you rapidly locate your destitute thing from a broad gathering.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a must-have app if you’re a developer. It is quite helpful for storing your files as well as lets you involve your developer friends to complete your projects at a faster pace.

Intel App Preview

Apart from Google, Intel is also in the race to make things easier and smarter for Android users. There is a free-to-download Intel App Preview that allows you to preview your Intel XDK-based apps directly on your Android device. The application itself depends on Apache Cordova 3.5 and comes packaged with devices, for example, Cordova Plugin APIs, Intel XDK Plugin APIs and Intel App Security Plugin APIs.

Intel App Preview

You can use Intel App Preview if you’re already involved in some developments related to XDK that the chip maker launched to enable hybrid mobile app development. It additionally offers features like remote debugging and a live layout editing interface to ease your progress.

Developer Options

It is often quite hard to find developer settings on Android devices. But thankfully, there is an app called Developer Options that provides you a simple solution. This single app lets you reach each and every developer settings on your device. You can enable or disable options like ‘stay awake’ and ‘allow mock locations’ as well as ‘add pointer location’ and ‘CPU usage’ to enhance your development.


The last app that can make any Android App developers smarter is SHAREit. It provides you a file transfer product that you can use to move your important APKs or some other stuff at a faster speed than a traditional Bluetooth exchange.


In addition to faster transfer, the Lenovo-owned app has cross-platform sharing support to let you share your content with devices other than Android ones. You can also send or receive packages between mobile devices and PCs.

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