Go! Cross Platform for developing Mobile Application

Go! Cross Platform for developing Mobile Application

Are you the organization that aims to develop Mobile Applications that work on multiple platforms? Then Go! Cross-platform for developing applications and strike a chord with the audience fractioned between variant OS, viz., iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

We are often confused between opting for a native app or a Cross-platform Mobile App, but if you wish to cover a large group of audience then cross-platform is the best. No doubt it has its set of pros and cons, but its advantages subjugate its disadvantages. This blog is dedicated to the Cross-platform programs – as an asset.

Developing cross-platform programs would mean programs running effectively on all the existing platforms. Let us jot down some of its perquisites:

  • It is easy to develop a cross-platform app that is usually build employing CSS3 and HTML5 as most of the framework are acquainted with CSS3 and HTML5 and therefore it is easy for the developers to develop apps.
  • Developing Apps is expeditious as the programmer has to code just once and the source code can be rehashed to customize applications that can work on multiple platforms and therefore, saves a lot of time rather than developing apps using native code for each platform separately from the scratch.
  • Cross-platforms furnish hallmark quality plugins that help the developers to ameliorate the functioning, appearance, and adaptability of the application.
  • Cross-platform is easy on the pocket as the developers do not have to exert themselves and code multiple times from the scratch, just one code and they have the application ready for various programs.
  • The major the attribute of a cross-platform is that it can reach a number of people at a stroke.

Silicon Valley, a prodigious IT firm has savvy Cross-platform developers who can help you develop applications that have a wider scope. Besides cross-platform, you can also Hire iPhone App Developer or Android App Programmer who can help you develop impeccable native applications.


iPhone Development and Its Challenges

iPhone Development and Its Challenges

In this day and age, a mobile phone is past an apparatus of correspondence with family and companions. It is utilized as a gadget, where all web-based tasks can be done, be it sending or accepting messages, communicating with your companions on Twitter or Facebook, listening to online music, or watching video on YouTube. Many mobile companies over the world are taking an interest in this upheaval. Apple Inc. is one of them. Apple’s iPhone is a standout amongst the most important development platforms and in the meantime, most prevalent mobile of this age.

iPhone comes an arrangement of default applications, be that as it may, considering the taking off notoriety of iPhone App Development, numerous companies are currently focusing on iPhone application development market. Accordingly, clients get top of the line applications however what stays unnoticed is the exertion and difficulties that iPhone application developers face.

With regards to iPhone development and its difficulties, the reality of the matter is that the clients will crave the most appropriate application for their gadget while the developers need to give them attractive result so they can manage the business sector. Here are a few difficulties that iPhone app developers face amid building an iPhone apps.

Touch screen: As a matter of first importance, iPhone is a touch screen gadget and here lays numerous difficulties to make it blunder free and dependable. As every one of the operations of iPhone are done through touch screen, developers need to set up the controls of the application deliberately.

Collision with another app: Apple’s iPhone can run one frontal area app at one time. On the off chance that the client needs to utilize another application in the meantime, he needs to end the officially running app first. For this situation, the developer ought to make a procurement to spare the application before end so that when he returns he can begin starting there.

Collision with incoming interruptions: An application gets hindered by approaching calls and SMS. In the event that the client chooses not to accept the call or see the SMS, he can go ahead with the app, in any case, is he chooses to take it, the present application gets ended naturally.

iPhone screen: iPhone screen is the medium between the applications and the clients. On the off chance that the application is swarmed with a muddled screen, the client may not be intrigued to utilize it.

Low memory warning: All the time it is watched that the application is ended in view of low memory. This is on the grounds that if iPhone does not have enough memory, substantial applications can’t support for quite a while. There can be another explanation for the end. The app itself can escape because of low memory.

There are the basic difficulties of iPhone development, which developers frequently run over. For building better and more proficient iPhone apps developers can counsel Apple’s Human Interface Manual.

Mobile application development for Small Businesses and Enterprise

Mobile application development for Small Businesses

This article gives an outline on the advanced web app and business procedure that is mobile application development and its advantages points to you as a business and its objectives.

Mobile phones have gotten to be as imperative as like our PCs. Mobile devices have turned into a gigantic wellspring of correspondence, stimulation, data, even employment. Web applications are now created in the direction of mobile apps development for a guessed long term success.

Mobile Application Development – What is it?

A mobile apps is a product application designed to work on mobile phones, for example, smartphone, tablet computers, and others. Henceforth, android app development is the procedure by which application programming is developed for mobile phones and other low-control handheld gadgets. At present, developing software for mobile devices such as smart phones, personal digital assistants, and tablets.

iPhone applications development is viewed as a more modern, more convenient web development technique. Accordingly, present day web application development strategies incline towards a thought called “mobile first”. Businesses these days decide on an app that can react to mobile devices first before continuing to a honest to goodness web application because developing for smaller, lower powered gadgets concentrates on and strengthens the center of your business goals.

Many web development Company latch onto the mobile-first design because it enables a web design or an apps to work in more stages. A twin idea to the mobile first designs really responsive web design. Responsive design is creating websites or website applications that smoothly change and react to fit any screen size of any gadget.

Mobile application developers spend significant time in making applications for mobile phones. Beginning as an Android App Developers is particularly simple on the off chance that you are engaged and comprehend what you need to do. Apps developers will see an expansion sought after as an aftereffect of innovation and web applications advancing to the course of shifting stages and screen sizes.

Advantages of Mobile Applications

Addressing a mobile-first design permits the designer to comprehend the hardest choices right from the begin. This is on account of producing for mobile phones where there is a constrained space empowers the developer or mobile application developer to focus on fundamental apps includes that reacts to the requirements and goals of the business or person.

The digital insurgency will witness the creation of significantly more gadgets inside the decade. In a couple of years, gadget options may even include smart watches, smart glasses, etc. Such advance will make responsive which will make responsive and versatile outline a flat out need, as will mobile application developers.

How Mobile Application Works

Mobile first design is past a current web application development strategy. It additionally is a business system. Mobile application is accessible to more stages or gadgets, for example, smart phones, tablet computers, and PDAs, which guarantees a boundless access to incalculable clients. With versatility as another element, mobile applications additionally empower a persistent association with users and customers.

Web development is exceptionally progressive. This was most clear in the most recent five years. Five years back, we were just creating website applications for use on a PC. Nowadays, web applications are being developed for multiple gadgets. At the same time, many opportunities are now open to iPhone App Developers. Web development ought to be all the more energizing inside the following five years when all is said in done, much like never before with significant patterns turning up. Android applications development is perfect on the off chance that you need your business to stay at the forefront.

How to hide albums in your Android gallery app

How to hide albums in your Android gallery app

Best solution: Gallery Lock

You can utilize apps to shroud your photographs and recordings and put them under watchword security. Our favored answer for this is Gallery Lock. Fundamentally, you move your photograph collections from your exhibition to this app. Completing this is simple simply download the free app beneath and take after our fast guide.

Best solution: Gallery Lock

Start by opening the Gallery Lock app. The first occasion when you do this you will be incited to enter a PIN. It defaults to 7777, yet you can transform this later on the off chance that you wish. After you’ve perused the guidelines (or not) you ought to see a gathering of default collections.

At the base of the screen, tap Add Folder and give it a name. Hit OK and head down to the base of the screen. You ought to see the new envelope with a default picture. Tap on it. Presently at the base of the screen hit Add photograph/video. Presently tap the photos and recordings you need in this concealed envelope and hit the green in addition to sign in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Watch the video beneath to see precisely how.

Presently your photos and recordings are covered up. Head into your exhibition to ensure you didn’t miss any. When you take new pictures or recordings you can add them to your Gallery Lock app envelopes utilizing the same strategy. When you need to recover them simply retreat into the organizer.

Alternate solution: Astro File Manager

In the event that you want to utilize a document chief as opposed to an exhibition lock app then you simply need to take after these simple strides. To start with, download Astro File Manager underneath.

Alternate solution: Astro File Manager

Once you’re in the app go to Primary then tap Pictures. Presently tap and hold the envelope you need to cover up. When it’s highlighted, hit the menu catch (three specks at the upper right of your screen). From here go to Rename. Presently, rename the envelope .nomedia and make sure to incorporate the period before the content. Hit Rename and you’re good to go. Watch the video beneath to see a case of how this is finished.

On the off chance that you need to see those concealed organizers in Astro again you have to go to the menu and hit View Settings. From here, hit the Advanced tab. You simply need to check the container after Show shrouded documents and do a reversal into the app and you ought to see your organizer. In the event that you need to unhide it, simply rename it however do exclude a period at the front.

Android App Developers India

How to increase iPhone apps download?

How to increase iPhone apps download

Are you eager to see your iPhone app on the top of the ‘Store’? Should you truly surmise that it is an agreeable undertaking? To be sure, making an iPhone application is not in the least basic and puerile, yet it will be more regrettable on the off chance that it has just 1000 downloads in one month. Applications improvement is a quickly developing advanced industry yet without legitimate showcasing for your iphone application, it is unquestionably difficult to achieve great emplacement in your business status.Yes, we already have plenty of expert tips which are shared on forums, communities, blogs, etc. You can feel as a ‘Ruler’ only when the users are proud of your design and smooth working of your app. Every iPhone developer puts his/her efforts is scoring the mobile app more eminent then why the question always stand, “What have you done with this app? What ‘s wrong with this?”

Gartner survey reveals that out of 1.5 million apps today in the Apple Store, only 6% have surpassed the set milestone in the number of downloads and money making. That survey comes to 16% in Android Play Store having 1.6 million apps available.

iPhone apps are known for its paid forms yet have a go at something cool and user-convenient. Making free trial or offering a conceivable promo codes to clients will pull in the new clients. You can offer your app for nothing or at discounted for a time frame. Let me know about it. iPhone app development companies are doing something wrong. What? They attempt to impersonate the current well known iPhone/iPad application either as far as design, development or different viewpoints. Here are couple of straightforward however shrewd recommendations that will help each iPhone application rule the versatile business sector.

Social media is in like never before

Content Description, promotional video and screenshots ought to be dazzling, dynamic, unique and appealing so that it can be easy to publish(share) it on youtube, dailymotion, Facebook, twitter, google plus, myspace, etc. Also, one better idea is to ask your friends to share, relatives to retweet, and review it. (Review will always get you more sales). It is more advisable to hire a professional agency for this.

How about Press Release?

Won’t it bring more exposure to your new iPhone application among plenty of other new iphone app? Yes, it surely will. Make some noise about the release of your iPhone app. This will bring your app further into the limelight. Get the word out. PRWeb, AppShout or MarketWired are mobile specific agencies which not only helps to get more reach but potential blogs and publications.

A Website for Your App

Great Idea. You are everywhere now. Laptop, Mobile, Tablets. It is a good idea to make the website once your app is approved by the iTunes Store.

The Best Cover

iPhone mobile apps have the prestige of fetching customers with their A-class of everything. That’s right. It makes unique things to boost user downloads. The cover image is the primary thing to be noticed by the users. So make it unique, and don’t use the same picture from the screen-shot. Even smart developers forget to do the same.

Blogging your App

Blog regularly about your app, Publish regular updates, take active part in iPhone user and developer forums and discuss your app with all around. This will also let you gain more feedback on your app.

Get the word out

Advertising your app the traditional way could prove to be an expensive proposition. Link exchange programs, ad banners, Free classifieds ads section trade shows are various lucrative ways to market your iphone application. It will show the good results on google page. Discuss about your iphone app and its feedback on iphone related forums.

Social Referrals

Digital word of mouth is a persuasive force and the iPhone app development company is utilizing that in the best way to maximize the iPhone app download. It can include a simple feature that lets users post a link to your business to their social media profiles. This lets you to leverage users’ social networks to find new fans.

Keep an eye on them

Having analytics is a must. You’ll want to keep your active device numbers as high as possible. That’s the key to continuous downloads. A good app analytics should offer multi-app options, give you the ability to compare between them, let you see the user’s behaviors, from download until app deletion.  Reference link :

iPhone Apps Development for entertainment only, Employment and Everything


Apple still lays hold of a noteworthy degree of US mobile phone showcase. Comscore.com taught that Apple had 41.7% bit of the general business for its PDAs toward the finish of September this year. Despite the way that iPhone’s bit of the general business has been slipping year on year and was assessed for the most part as 11.7% over the world, yet its charms has not became faint along these lines. The starting late dispatched two new iPhone cell phones help upheld Apple’ customer base.

So what urges people to buy an iPhone? Beside shimmering squeezing, present day hardware and programming and super components, the credit of its universality somehow goes to those product engineers who have fabricated a creature domain of utilizations for iPhone. The App Store has more than 1.3 million applications, and not at all like Android applications, iPhone applications are affirmed to store just on the off chance that they meet Apple’s strict quality guidelines.

Numerous individuals mean the procedure of iPhone Application Development to only form gaming or stimulation applications. In any case, it is more than that. Right when the advancement of iPhone application improvement showed up, it was, all things considered, went for normal customers. Regardless, now it is moving to the business bit too. Various things have changed since Apple familiar iPhone Application Development advancement with the universe of programming improvement.

iPhone applications have a broad spot in various standard business-related internal and external activities. Furthermore, numerous organizations just have iPhone App Developers India as their online nearness and they are truth be told developing. There is probably these applications are useful for genuine business.

What we see today in versatile programming advancement industry is simply the endowment of Apple Inc. We ought to thank to this organization for its commitment in shopper gadgets, PC programming, and PCs.

Nowadays planning, improvement and sending of uses for iOS controlled contraptions, for instance, iPhone and iPad has transformed into a sorted out business. There are various associations in the adaptable programming space to get iPhone App Development India worked for gaming, incitement, business, news, long range interpersonal correspondence, stock organization, bargains and advancing, accounts and back, huge business convenientce et cetera.

Apple has detected the probability of its portable stage. The organization has taken its OS to a level where basic clients don’t feel the need of PC for universally useful figuring necessities. It likewise continues refining the versatile OS and amending the issue territories. The new type of iOS generally goes with numerous new components. The association has moreover been giving mind blowing headway support since it has allowed third social gathering application producers to make applications for its stage.

Hire iPhone App Developer from CSS Moral and Collect Cost­Effective

CSS Moral is an acclaimed web development company offering the best iPhone app development with its team of skilled developers.


Do you want to possess all the advanced features of an iPhone in your pocket? Then, CSS Moral is the only destination to get all your desires accomplished. Established as an esteemed web development organization, it offers a broad variety of services in terms of iPhone application development. To carry out a step by step process of development while maintaining utmost quality, we have appointed a team of talented developers. Every programmer has been hired strictly on the basis of his qualifications, knowledge, experience and satisfactory record in the related field. Facilitated with smart features, iPhone become popular among users and its applications too.

It is better to hire iPhone app developer from CSS Moral as all our developers have extensive experience in the required industry. From its launch in 2007, iPhone has covered a long journey from iPhone to iPhone5. Definitely, it appeared with successful journey every time as there were certain changes and improvements in its every version. Team of developers at CSS Moral is capable of working in accordance with its latest version as they are updated with every generation of iPhone. Let it be Smartphone features or it is business requirements; this device is worth-admiring from both ends. Due to this very reason, many organizations use it as a powerful tool to go ahead with a prosperous business.

By hiring iPhone app developer from CSS Moral, people can avail varied variety of iPhone application development like games, business, fun, travel, multimedia, medical, lifestyle, book publishing and many more. If we talk about the physical appearance of this tiny device then it has a wonderful user interface that is built around its multi-touch screen. As well, a virtual keyboard has been incorporated rather than a physical one. The newest version i.e. iPhone5 is also bestowed with the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. In the direction of rendering the best services, we have developers who have great knowledge of iPhone simulators, OS framework and OS X framework. By doing so, it becomes easier for us to accept all the challenges of the market.

According to the exact requirements of your project, you can appoint iPhone app developer from CSS Moral at hourly, monthly as well as yearly basis. In order to accomplish the preferences of our honored customers, we make sure to use the recent techniques and tools of iPhone. So, choose your services today.

Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd offering facilities like iPhone app development provide you with 24*7 customer service internationally. Feel free to contact us for any aid or assistance.

IOS 9 App: A Phenomenal Discovery for iPhones, iPads, iPods & Apple TV.

New and brilliant is the thing that we all look forward for. iPhone Operating System has concoct another and one of a kind adaptation IOS 9 App in September, 2015, that will understand every one of your issues.

ios 9.0 app developer

Silicon Valley, a pool of specialists, offer you some assistance with upgrading your variant to IOS 9 . Our veteran group is fit for illuminating the intricacies easily. With our steady groups’ bolster we have become throughout the years and have extended over the globe. We have our customers in the USA, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Malasia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Netherlands et al.

IOS 9 App is about “improving the old” and not about making something “new”. The producers have heightened the elements to a level that has never been accomplished. With the improvement of this staggering IOS 9.0 App, the engineers have an awesome chance to showcase their gifts. Alongside the IOS 9.0, Apple Inc. has think of “Quick Programming Language” that works alongside the Objective “C” dialect (the code dialect used to plan applications).

Quick coding is said to be a protected programming code that works best for the applications. Quick dialect is outlined in a way that gives designers a flexibility to utilize their imagination ideally. The engineers at Silicon Valley are knowledgeable with the Swift codification and are equipped for giving it a great shape, i.e, the craved application required by the client.

Why decide on Swift Programming Language over Objective Language:

There is most likely Objective “C” and “C” dialects have dependably been the spine for creating iPhone applications Development. These dialects have been fruitful for a considerable length of time. As of late, Apple Inc. has concoct another programming code-“Quick”. Quick has fundamentally been drafted for Apple’s Cocoa Touch and Cocoa API.

  • It nullifies all the complexities of the previous used languages.
  • It helps create powerful and magnificent apps.
  • Objective “C” that is made of multiple coding may breed a lot complexities and errors. But Swift tends to rectify and terminate the errors or the unsafe codes, making it a safer option than any other programming language.
  • As compared to Objective C, Swift is easier in terms of Syntax-that has become much more easier to code and decode, thereby improving viscosity of the programming language.
  • Further Apple Inc. has declared that Swift soon will be an open source which help the software/IT market to flourish.

Once customized with IOS 9 app you are sure to experience the wonders of the iPhone app Developers.

Piece de resistance (important features) of IOS 9:

The clients were very baffled with the past forms of IOS. However, Apple knows not its value and it has think of an one of a kind and superlative IOS 9 App. Specified underneath are couple of wonderful dispositions of IOS 9:

  • Multitasking is a great add on where the users can use two apps at the same time.
  • The users can enjoy a better battery life with the help of the Low Battery mode.
  • Notes has always been a very handy app to jot down the thoughts. With the enhancement of the IOS it has become even more interesting and creative.
  • Further more, IOS 9 app has made Siri, the Voice assistant even more sagacious.
  • The Apple Pay app, with a new name “Wallet” has tied up with several other companies that help you access your cards and making transactions easy for the users.
  • IOS 9 begins a great journey with the enhancement of Siri, the slide over and split view.
  • A new QuickType keyboard has been launched.
  • Moreover, Security fortification has been given utmost importance and the users are asked for a varification check wherever and whenever necessary.

ios 9 has turned out to be an aid for the IT commercial ventures. Without a doubt the clients will have an extraordinary ordeal by overhauling their more established IOS variant to IOS 9 form.

Silicon Valley a prestigious name in the IT business has gifted and experienced individuals that guide you wherever and at whatever point you discover a glitch in your framework. It is simply because of our determination and commitment towards our customers that has conveyed us to this tallness. At Silicon Valley we give you the best of engineers who build up your working frameworks inside of the time compass dispensed. We function according to the necessities of our customers and ensure that we give the best of our administrations.

The point of Silicon Valley is 100% Customer fulfillment. Subsequent to working for a considerable length of time in the field of utilization improvement: IOS application advancement, blackberry application advancement, amusement application improvement, Microsoft application improvement, et al-we have added to an incredible space where our customers can depend upon us for the administrations. We guarantee rendering quality administration inside of a sensible extent. We have taken a shot at various tasks and have made progress in the all parkways and the prize has dependably been productive. Working with an assortment of customers has dependably been a magnificent ordeal and our strong point as well.

3 major benefits of Android application development

Android is one the largest platforms of today’s time. It has more than 15 M apps on the Play Store. Here are the major advantages of Android application development.

Android OS is doubtlessly leading the global smartphone market. Today, more than 84 present smartphones are powered by Android OS.


Business groups are meeting with hot business opportunities through Google’s own one of a kind cell phone stage. Huge amounts of applications are accessible at the push of a catch on the grounds that they permit clients to rapidly execute an assortment of standard operations for which they used to utilize PCs or tablets.

Versatile applications are currently part of client’s day by day life in light of the fact that they can possibly serve a wide range of intrigues, needs and necessities. With regards to Android applications, they make business operations basic and amusement consistently accessible.

Organizations are getting their frame of reference more extensive; from games merchandise store to scientific expert and from instruction foundation to attire store, each business has found that applications can assume essential part in growing business-scopes.

A Business and its extension on Android Platform

Android OS underpins a not insignificant rundown of components which are helpful to organizations from multiple points of view. By the day’s end, each business’ singular objective is to profit and amplify scopes comprehensively.

Organizations additionally realize that web showcasing works however they regularly don’t mindful of the way that web promoting on a portable stage like Android takes them closer to focused gathering of people. An Android application improvement demonstrates astoundingly helpful.

Organizations must know the advantages of Android application improvement in light of the fact that it over and over satisfies their prerequisites. Android applications can be tweaked past desires to convey the definite operation a client is searching for.

On the off chance that there is a prerequisite, then application can be made to satisfy it. All that you have to do is contract an expert Android app development company.

How Android application helps business?

What precisely a business needs? Does it need that its operations get to be easy to execute, undertakings effectively get oversaw and kept up paying little heed to area and separation, and information and reports can be traceable as well? In above given cases, just redid applications work and just android applications can be tweaked to meet these errands. Aside from looking sparkly and beautiful, Android OS has ability and ability to handle business errands like other portable working frameworks.

Notwithstanding, an application is constantly required.

Android and Consumer Demand

The blast in versatile application advancement business is unmistakably noticeable. Assets are restricted and improvement organizations are under tremendous weight to finish venture on given due date.

This reasons designers to turn-down shopper demands. Here, you ought to act like an undertaking director and watch out for the procedure of the venture.

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